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3D printed AirPods charging dock will keep the headphones charged all the time

3D printed AirPods charging dock

The exciting new AirPods  have been the most talked about accessory since the iPhone 7 launch. There are people who have ripped the little Bluetooth earpods apart to see their innards, and then there is Reddit user jimbojsb, who has 3D printed a Charging Cradle for the AirPods . The desktop AirPods  charging dock is created with a Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2 3D printer, and is made to rest the AirPods  case supplied by Apple for charging the headphones. Read More…

You must give 3D printed crossguard lightsaber a try

Star wars force awakens lightsaber

Drawing inspiration from trailer of the upcoming Star Wars “Force Awakens” movie, French 3D printing shop FabShop has created an amazing 3D printed version of the new Star Wars lightsaber [pictured above]. If you want one of the new lightsaber from the movie, you can either wait until Disney begins to sell them, or you can head over to Thingiverse for piece-by-piece guidelines to build your own 3D printed lightsaber complete with the much debated crossguard. Read More…