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Thought controlled robotic suit introduced by Cyberdyne

Cyberdyne though controlled exoskeleton suit

Pic courtesy AFP

Cyberdyne, a Japanese robot making company has made a thought controlled robotic suit that it released yesterday. This robotic exoskeleton suit is in-line with their existing expertise of making robotic limbs, joints, exoskeleton suits and cleaning robots. The current version is however one step ahead of all its other robotic products. A mind controlled suit that detects the user’s brainwave signals running through the skin, and then translates them into the right kind of movement like lifting objects or moving forward.
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Brain Driven Hybrid Vehicle: Thought controlled car developed by Indian engineering students

Brain driven hybrid vehicle

A team of Indian engineering students who are working on a project at Mount Zion College of Engineering and Technology have developed a Brain Driven Hybrid Vehicle. As amazing as this project sounds, it is equally intuitive example of next generation automotive technology. Afsal Eravakkad and 5 other students churned their brains up to make this electric plus solar car that moves on the road just like a computer racing game car, the only difference being that it is thought controlled. So, if you want to turn left, right or accelerate; the idea would be to just give it a thought and the action would be done!

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Brain-controlled 15-feet-tall brain lights up in flames if you can meditate

Mens Amplio 15 feet tall brain

We’ve seen some of the craziest brain-controlled contraptions to display the possibilities of science and technology, but a 15 feet tall brain which can be controlled by a participant’s brain waves is probably out of this world. Dubbed Mens Ampilo (expanding the mind in Latin), this is an interactive 15 foot brain and head which has been embedded with LEDs in the branching structures (representing neurons)  made from clear light-diffusing acrylic – Endlighten rods. These built-in LEDs show a sequence of light displays, which are controlled by an EEG reader placed on the participant’s head. Read More…

Mindwalker project: Brain-controlled robotic exoskeleton for disabled patients

Mindwalker brain-controlled robotic exoskeleton

It is heartening when technology comes in handy for people who have been disabled due to paralysis due to spinal cord injury, giving them a new lease of life. For example the Indego exoskeleton which helps stroke patients walk upright as opposed to spending the rest of their lives in a wheelchair. Exoskeletons have also been used for other applications like going into dangerous territory which is affected with nuclear radiation. But now there is a mind-controlled robotic exoskeleton coordinated by Space Applications Services NV which uses complex technology to bypass the spinal cord and rerouting the brain signals to the exoskeleton, in a way hacking the brain signals to the robotic exoskeleton and help the paralyzed patients get back on their feet. This project called Mindwalker is funded EUR 2.75 million by the European Commission and aims at hacking the brain signals to control advanced orthosis and other medical conditions where the patient cannot walk.

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Step into the future with first brain-controlled robotic leg

We’ve seen some really great advancements in prosthetic limb technology, there have been many high-tech limbs and mind-controlled limbs created over time that have facilitated the paralyzed. But the question still looms, will the mind-controlled limbs ever assist the paralyzed in real world scenario? To answer this in an affirmative, a team of researchers from the Long Beach Veterans Affairs Medical Center in California have built a mind-controlled prosthetic leg. Read More…