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Apple brings augmented reality to iPhone’s camera app, smart glasses to follow


When Augmented Reality-based Pokemon Go jumped the gun to become the biggest mobile game in the history in under a week of release, Apple’s chief Tim Cook was quick to come out and inform that his company is investing big money into augmented reality. The claims seem to be reaping results – According to Business Insider, Apple is working on integrating augmented reality technology into the iPhone’s camera app. The Cupertino giant has assembled a host of big names from the AR and VR industry and has also recently acquired an AR startup Metaio, all that may be working in tandem to give Apple that extra edge to live up to its claims. Read More…

Apple rolls out its thinnest, lightest, more powerful MacBook Pro

New Apple Macbook pro with touch bar 3

Apple has launched what it claims to be the “thinnest and lightest MacBook Pro ever”. Apple has managed to shrink the display size to .88mm. Blogosphere is more excited about the new ‘touch bar’ in place of traditional row of function keys with a multi-touch display. On the other hand, Microsoft Surface Studio – a refined all-in-one desktop PC has also been announced in New York. Read More…

Tim Cook confirms Apple is investing real money in augmented reality


At the Apple’s second quarter earnings conference, Cupertino tech giant’s CEO Tim Cook may be referring to Pokemon Go as Poke man Go, but the world heard closely and understood what he meant. Pokemon Go or Poke man Go – however, you may choose to call it, is making the whole world go bonkers after it. So much so that according to Tim Cook, the world’s largest tech company is also investing large sums into augmented reality – the new age tech, Pokemon Go is based on.
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Apple invests $1B in ride-hailing service Didi, bet to penetrate into China

Apple has startled the tech world by investing $1 billion in Chinese ride-hailing service Didi Chuxing. Seen as Apple’s one sincere effort to gain footing and penetrate into the Chinese market – something Apple did with record iPhone sales over the years, but the ranks have changed and iPhone is no longer selling in China like it used to. This is largely because of China’s strict regulations and booming mobile market in the Middle Kingdom. Apple wouldn’t accept this, and it’s understood; ‘Apple CEO Tim Cook modestly says, ‘the investment would help the company better understand the critical Chinese market.’ Read More…

Apple spent upwards of $700,000 on CEO Tim Cook’s security in 2014

Tim Cook
Tim Cook is the most valuable person in the most valuable company in the world. And it is therefore no surprise that Apple spends lavishly on the security of their ace officer. According to a revelation Cupertino giant spent more than $700,000 in year 2014 to protect CEO Tim Cook. Patently Apple recovered this information from Apple’s Schedule 14A report filled with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Read More…

At just two pounds and 13.1mm, new Apple MacBook is thinnest and lightest Mac ever

Apple MacBook 2015

Apple MacBook 2015

Apple have just unveiled their latest MacBook which is ridiculously thin and is even lighter than the MacBook Air. The notebook was announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook event along with the much anticipated Apple Watch at Spring Forward Apple Watch which took place in San Francisco on March 9. Reinvented the notebook to create an all-new notebook line, the latest MacBook 2015 is just 13.1mm and weighs only two pounds. 24% thinner than the 11in MacBook Air, it’s the thinnest and lightest Mac ever.
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$850-million solar energy plant to power Apple’s new headquarters

Apple Headquarters California

Apple has left behind giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon and many more in its green quest for which they had promised a shift to pure renewable energy sources for powering their data centers and office buildings. After last month’s $2 billion investment in massive 70-megwatt solar-powered global data command center in neighborhood of Arizona, now Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced establishment of $850-million solar farm with 130-megawatt capacity to power its stores and facilities located in California.
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How long can Apple dominate the stock market?

iPhone, the best-selling phone of all time, made Apple the world’s most valuable company. But with the flagship phone now in its seventh generation and not having launched a new line since their iPad in 2011, could the California tech star be losing its shine?

Certainly compared to Google and Facebook, Apple’s ongoing investment in research and development is staggeringly low. But while Apple could be seen to be underspending on their product line-up, they ploughed over $45 billion into buying back shares in 2014. Investor Carl Icahn, who holds a 1% stake in the company, wrote an open letter to Tim Cook entitled Sale: Apple Shares at Half Price encouraging an even more aggressive buyback programme.

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