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Flip Dot Clock makes smart use of electromagnets to display time

Flip Dot Clock DIY

We have seen a plethora of clocks that look different and in some cases, they have completely unthought-of functionality. Maintaining our love for the coolest timepieces around, here we have the Flip Dot Clock by Kentaro Iizuka. The maker has done smart use of electromagnets and Arduino controller to create a matrix of flipping dots which display the current time accurately. One side of the dots is colored in neon green color and the other in black color.
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Anicorn Series K452 watch replicates planetary moment to display time

Anicorn Series K452 watch_2

Hong Kong-based watch brand Anicorn takes inspiration from the astronomy for its timepieces and their latest iteration of a watch pays tribute to the Kepler-452b, an exoplanet discovered by NASA’s Kepler & K2 project. Anicorn Series K452 has hour, minute and second discs which overlap each other in a 3-layer surface to signify the orbital moment of planetary bodies. The watch has a very unique mechanism to check out current time, where the outside disc shows the hour and inner discs signify minutes and seconds. A reference point on top of the watch shows the time in a geeky way and does away with hour, second and minute hand.
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Sony’s electronic paper watch changes surface pattern like a chameleon

Sony FES Watch

Amidst all the hype about smartwatches, a Sony subsidiary has developed sporty looking e-paper watch which is minimalistic and targeted towards fashion conscious people who believe in form and function. This no nonsense watch dubbed FES Watch has dial face and band which can be customized with varying looks, anytime you want. User can change the B&W patterns in 24 different ways for now and more custom watch faces and band modifications will follow suite.
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MB&F’s exclusive Melchior Only Watch 2015 will go to charity auction

MB&F Melchior Only Watch 2015

As a premium watchmaker MB&F has created its own niche with timepieces that are unmatchable. Another one in the portfolio is this 10th anniversary desk clock that takes shape of a robotic figure. Melchior Only Watch 2015 crafted in collaboration with L’Epée 1839 features a mechanism that has jumping hours, sweeping minutes, double retrograde seconds and has a power reserve of 40 days courtesy the five mainspring barrels. It is worth highlighting that the clock is made from 146 new components (from the 480 total components) that L’Epée has to specially develop like the bulging glass dome or the stainless steel winding key that resembles a Gatling gun.

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Hat-mounted clock with multiple timezone support

Hat mounted clock

Instructables user [gfish] has come up with a very unique and interesting way to display time. Called as Hat Clock, the DIY project embarks on displaying multiple timezones and GPS functionality. Interestingly the clock has the option of toggling between different timezones by just flipping a switch. To control each hand of the clock, microcontroller paired up with an Arduino controller is used. Since the clock hands need angular control, therefore micro RC servos are used in this clock and for extended 360 degree movement gears are used.
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Span Smartwatch concept portrays how smart a watch should be

Span Smartwatch

All the smartwatches around are trying desperately to get as tech savvy as they can but without much realization that ultimately a smartwatch as to be more of a wristwatch than a smartphone or a tablet. Perhaps Moto 360 smartwatch has so been the most practical smartwatch design that appeals to the eye, and also manages to strike the perfect balance between a wristwatch and notification updating gizmo. Hang-on, Box Clever’s Span smartwatch concept might just nullify that statement. Designed to maintain an apt balance between analog clock and digital notifier, this smartwatch is the brainchild of Bret Recor and Seth Murray.
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CES 2014: Martian Notifier smartwatch is an analog timepiece with smart features

Martian Notifier smartwatch

Thus far we have seen smartwatches that have digital display but deep down our hearts we were longing for a smartwatch that looked more like an analog watch with the goodness of a notification display. Martian Watches seems to have caught on that wish and made a very fashionable smartwatch dubbed as Martian Notifier. Compatible with iOS and Android devices (Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology) the smartwatch is showing at CES 2014 and to be frank is quite impressive. Bringing the essence of a stylish analog watch to the forte it amalgamates all the elements of a good smartwatch into one wristwatch. The integrated 96 x 16 pixel graphic OLED display shows everything from notifications, emails, text messages, fitness stats, bank account alerts and even triggering camera’s shutter remotely for taking selfies or group shots. Notifier can also initiate voice commands on your phone’s speakerphone which is a good feature.
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Kuranku Analog Watch is hand-cranked Tokyoflash wristwatch

Kuranku Analog Watch is hand-cranked Tokyoflash wristwatch

A perfect amalgamation of a digital watch and the good old analog chronometer, this concept watch designed by Patrick from France for Tokyoflash called as Japan Kuranku Analog Watch is actually a hand-cranked wristhwatch. Now you would ask that how would a hand-crank fit into such small form factor of a wristwatch. Well, the answer would be, right in the dial of the watch itself. Since there a LED’s for each of the hour and minute indicators therefore there is no need for the hour or minute hands. The inspiration for such a watch was the fact that Tokyoflash have never had a hand-cranked wristwatch that is completely suited to their cool theme for making all-together different watches.

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Tikker wristwatch countdowns your life

Tikker wristwatch death watch

It’s true that the longevity of our life is unpredictable and no one can predict it with precision. But now a wristwatch called Tikker will at least give you the opportunity to try and do so. Made by Fredrik Colting as an inspiration from his grandfather’s death, this watch focuses on us being alive and making the most of whatever time we have left at hand. This wristwatch reminds me of the concept shown in the movie “In Time” which valued time more than any other tangible or intangible asset. Going with the theme “Make Every Second Count” this wristwatch calculates the time left until you’ll be doomed by the data provided in a questionnaire. Once the user fills the questionnaire from Tikker handbook and derives the result, the time until death can be set and thereafter you’ll surely cherish whatever time you have left.
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Lego reveals wristwatches for men and women

LEGO Watch System Lego adult watches

It doesn’t matter if you are a kid or a grown-up, deep down in our heart we all are kids sans our age. Probably the reason why so many people have a profound liking for Lego, making everything from A-Z in Lego bricks and Mindstorms. Lego have forayed into making watches for kids but keeping in tune with their huge fan following by adults too they have now decided to come up with a line of Lego watches specifically for adults. The Lego watch collection for men and women will be launched in the month of November and go by the name LEGO Watch System. Completely customizable with the ability to swap bracelets, bezels and watch faces this watch collection brings back those childhood memories that you always cherished.

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