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MB&F releases the limited edition of HM5 with $82,000 price tag

MB&F's limited edition of HM5

We already had our tryst with MB&F’s exalted Horological Machine in its fifth edition (HM5). And, now the luxury watch maker has unveiled their limited edition of the HM5, re-conceived in the opulence of 18k red gold. The retro essence of the watch design is inspired by automobiles and other ‘futuristic’ contrivances from the 1970’s. Such assortment of influences is quite evident from the use of both titanium (replaces zirconium of the original design) and 18k red gold; while the verve is upheld by the glorious sapphire crystal prism that magnifies the hour and minute indicator discs from the trademark wedge shaped display.

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2013 Tokyo Auto Salon will showcase Limited edition Subaru STI watch with mechanical movement

2013 Tokyo Auto Salon in mid-January will showcase some of the hottest automobiles that are all set to mesmerize you; but a niche offering there would be the Limited Edition Subaru (and its STI division) mechanical watch. Produced in a limited number of 300 units the STI-branded timepiece will be on show during the show accompanied by a very special band adjustment tool. As opposed to some other Limited Edition watches that have quartz assisted electronic movement, this one will have mechanical movement powered by the operation of gears.

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MB&F Horological Machine HM5 watch On the Road Again

Have a look at this thumping timepiece from MB&F which takes its design cues from the much acclaimed Lamborghini Miura of the early 1970’s and is a bit different from the C3H5N3o9 watch theme. Unlike any other watch that has been featured here, this one truly stands out from the crowd with its unique dial and streamlined design that is irresistible. This is the fifth limited edition Horological Machine on offering by MB&F called HM5 On the Road Again, which also looks inspired from the era of 1970’s. The bi-directional (to set tie both forward and backwards) hour and minute displays have the indications inversed and reflected 90 degrees (using a sapphire reflective prism) in the vertical direction with a magnification (using a lens) of 20% making it look ultra-futuristic.

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Limited Edition Concrete watches Dzmitry Samal are sexy and robust

Watches have always been the defining accessory for men that portrays a great deal about their status and personality. For this very reason Paris based designer Dzmitry Samal has creates a range of watches made from concrete. Yes you heard it right concrete is the main material used in the dial of the watch inspired by the Megapolis. The reason for choosing this material is because of the fact that it a noble, modern, honest and robust material; all the qualities of an ideal man whom women crave by their heart.
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