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Toshiba Wearvue TG-1 glasses assist hand-free operation in industries

Toshiba Wearvue TG-1 glass_3

At the Wearable Expo in Tokyo, Toshiba revealed wearable glass for commercial use, and they call it Wearvue TG-1. An improvement on the Toshiba Glass released at CEATEC 2014, this wearable displays information to the viewer from a connected Windows PC. This device is majorly targeted towards corporate customers where employees don’t have to bring a manual to carry on their task by getting a projection of text on their display screen of the wearable glasses. The end result is increased productivity, less hassle for workers and more accuracy in the tasks they perform.
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Toshiba adds Cortana key to its laptops, a giant leap in Window 10 PCs

Toshiba cortana windows 10 laptops

Microsoft’s own Siri counterpart, Cortana has not been a real success on the Phones yet, but Toshiba believe it’s the future of how people will interact with Window 10 laptops. To ensure they are ahead in the race of Windows 10 laptops with a special add-on, Toshiba has informed it will be adding dedicated Cortana button on their forthcoming line of Windows 10 laptops. Read More…

CES 2015: World’s first 2.5 inch 3TB HDD and SDHC memory card with built-in NFC is here

world's first 2.5 inch 3TB HDD at CES 2015

With the launch of its latest products at the ongoing CES 2015, Toshiba Corporation, Tokyo-based semiconductor & storage products company have certainly brought smile to the faces of laptop users and gamers. The company announced the world’s first 2.5 inch 3TB HDD at the event along with first SDHC card that comes equipped with NFC. Smaller in size but bigger in terms of storage capacity, the MQ03ABB300 uses perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology. It is the first 2.5-inch HDD in the industry that can attain 750GB per platter, using a total of 4 platters to achieve storage of 3TB.
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New lifelike Toshiba android – Another step towards creating social robots


Japanese are obsessed with the idea of creating perfect lifelike robots. A new lifelike android from Toshiba is another step towards the future of robotics. This android, a beautiful female who can greet you, speak Japanese or communicate through sign language, will be showcased this week at CEATEC JAPAN 2014. This android is the result of conjunction of Toshiba with aLab Inc, Osaka University, Shebaura Institute of Technology. Japan has already established its name as a renowned inventor of humanoid robotics; the robots which mimic human movements, speech, activities etc. There are already football-playing robots, robots that can play violin, or could sing. Read More…

Why Toshiba Glass could give Google Glass a run for its money?


Toshiba took CEATEC 2014 electronic trade show as a platform to unveil the prototype of its smart glass dubbed Toshiba Glass. The pair of smart glass is a display system that connects to the smartphone and lets you enjoy a range of visual content on an augmented reality display right in front of your eyes. Though, unlike the Google Glass, Toshiba Glass does not feature computing abilities, it’s going to give customers a much cheaper variant of smart glasses, which will connect to the smartphone and work as a chic display. Let’s read on to see what Toshiba Glass will offer, and how closely it competes with the Google Glass? Read More…

Toshiba Slimee Bar = Attachable health monitor + Sleep analyzer

Toshiba Slimee Bar health monitor and sleep analyzer

Toshiba has revealed a wearable biometric sensor called Slimee Bar that can be worn on the body to measure electrocardiogram, body motions, pulse waves and skin temperature. This wearable by Toshiba will collect the data including heartbeat interval, pulse wave interval, body motion and posture to make all the inferences. The device will be connected wirelessly to your mobile device and all the data can be viewed in a user friendly manner in tabulated form via a compatible app.
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Toshiba reveal world’s first 4K display laptops

Toshiba 4K laptops CES 2014

At this year’s CES in Las Vegas we saw a whole lot of wearable technology related gizmo and hardcore gadgets like laptops were in scarcity. But Toshiba had other plans as they showed to the world the first ever Ultra HD 4K display that is common only in big panel TV displays. The 4K technology in itself is a new innovation that promises a very life like viewing experience with four times the resolution of Full HD for mind-boggling details. Toshiba is the first company to bring the 4K technology to the laptop screen. Revealing two laptops with the Ultra HD 4K display for different set of users; namely the Toshiba Tecra W50 mobile workstation for engineers or 3D designers and Satellite P50t for professional photographers, graphics designers and movie buffs. The 15.6 inch laptops with 3840 x 2160 resolution at 282 PPI are expected to be available for purchase in mid-2014.
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Toshiba TransferJet transfers data among your gadgets wirelessly at lighting speeds

Keeping in mind the need to exchange huge chunks of data (images, movies, music and documents) between your modern day gadgets such as smartphones, digital cameras or tablets at high speeds, Toshiba has created TransferJet (Model no:TJM35420MU). Deemed as industry’s first microUSB adapter with wireless transfer technology, it is fully compatible with standard LSI and also has built in RF components. What this means for you as a gadget user is that now you’ll be able to transfer heavy files between your gadgets in a jiffy and that too without the need for any cords or adapters.
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Toshiba quadruped walking robot for nuclear disaster relief operations

Who can forget the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster that was prompted due to the Tsunami initiated by the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11th. Now to carry the investigation of the affected area it is obvious that human involvement would not be safe, for this very reason Toshiba has developed a quadruped robot that is capable of walking at the speed of 1km per hour and carrying put all the research needed. The robot runs on wireless radio operation has a camera and dosimeter for searching the uneven terrain. Weighing 65 kg and being battery operated, providing it a continuous 2 hours of walking makes it a perfect assistant for all the dirty work that is too dangerous for humans to embark on. The robot also has a small vehicle self-actuated robot on top of it for hard to reach places.
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