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SkinTrack: Innovation turns your arm into a touch-input surface for smartwatch

SkinTrack watchband prototype

Smartwatches are a good way to interact with your applications like texting, navigating through music menus or even playing games like Angry Birds. But they come with one disadvantage which can be attributed to their small size. This disadvantage being the difficulty to navigate on small screen size. Mobile devices have the freedom to go big or small, but a smartwatch cannot be bigger than an acceptable size as it won’t look appealing. Keeping this predicament in mind, the team of researchers at the Future Interfaces Group have come up with a very interesting solution. Using your arm and hand skin surface as an input platform to make it easy for you to interact with applications on your smartwatch.
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Tangible Textural Interface sound system with interactive touch surface for music delight

Music has always been the food for pleasure and relieving your senses into seventh heaven with sound as the main component. Taking things a notch higher in interactive touch technologies like the 3D printed interactive Soundscope MIDI controller, product designer Eun Hee Jo has come up with a new kind of sound system that responds to touch of the fabric. Tangible Textural Interface (TTI) is completely made out of fabric material unlike the conventional plastic or glass materials. All this is made possible with reactive technologies that enable any normal interface with new kind of functions and new possibilities making the surface as an integrated part of the product.
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