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LG’s 18-inch rollable OLED display will be revealed at CES 2016

LG rollable display at CES 2016

It is more than a year now since LG first announced its prototype 18-inch rollable OLED display under development. Now, the company is ready to reveal it to the world at CES 2016. Back then, the OLED panel was 3 cm, having a resolution of 1,200 x 810 pixels and most probably the one shown-off to the public will be the same or even better. Also, we could see the 0.97mm thick 55-inch flexible wallpaper OLED display which was proof-of-concept technology when initially showcased.
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LG shows 18 inch flexible transparent display that can be rolled like a newspaper

LG flexible and transparent rollable display

LG has been working on flexible display technology for quite some time, in fact couple of years now. LG, as it promised has developed an 18 inch rollable OLED display along with 18 inch transparent display, paving way for future of display technologies used in HD displays. Apparently these are the world’s first flexible OLED displays of this size, and LG promises that it will have a humongous 60 inch flexible display coming in 2017. The display has a resolution of 1200 x 810 and a curvature radius of 30R which can be rolled up to a radius of 3 cm without incurring any damage to the display itself. The flexibility of this display comes courtesy a back pane made from highly molecular substance based on polyimide film, rather than the traditional plastic material for such flexible displays.
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Is Apple’s dual screen solar-powered MacBook on the cards?

Apple dual screen solar powered MacBook

Apple is planning on making a solar-powered Macbook that will have two-sided display and rear touch inputs. The patent for this new technology called Electronic device display module has been granted by US Patent and Trademark Office. The two-sided glass laptop will have a front screen and one more screen on the rear that will have photovoltaic cells for solar charging. Since the MacBook will have two-sided display the Apple logo will be screened out of the patterned ink layer and will be illuminated via LED lighting. Interestingly the rear panel could be made from an electro chromatic glass that can become a translucent or transparent display on will. For the touchscreen the MacBook could have a capacitive, optical or acoustic technology.
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Hewlett Packard gets US patent for its see-through screen technology

Hewlett Packard which is better known by the initialization HP is one company that geeks must watch out for. See-through screens, which sci-fi movies are often filled with are the next hot thing that HP will get to the consumers. Hewlett Packard has been able to secure a US patent for this innovative and fiction-inspired technology. It means that in near future these kinds of see-through screens will revolutionize things like navigation and analysis.
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