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Quadrofoil Q2S Limited Edition – A $30,000 personal e-watercraft that glides over water

quadrofoil ‘Q2S’ limited edition2

A two-seater electric water-craft called Quadrofoil Q2S Limited Edition has appeared with a heavy price tag of $30,000. Quadrofoil claims to have used highly advance naval technology and C-shape hydrofoils to let you glide over water surface at a maximum speed of 25 km/h. The craft is designed in accordance with the natural flow of water to provide optimum stability, control, and efficiency.  The concept of using hydrofoils isn’t new, but its implementation in Qaudrofoil is appreciable.
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Dubai debuts first ever solar-powered abra at AI Jaddaf

Solar-powered abra

Dubai is well known for its swanky architecture and larger than life living style. And they make it a point to be at the forefront of technology laden innovations which enrich people’s life. Apparently they are also taking environmental conservation seriously, and one good example of it is the solar-powered abra they just introduced to the world. Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has given the city’s oldest transportation a clean energy upgrade.
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Airbus plans to roll out Vahana – fully autonomous flying taxi by 2020

Vahana Airbus‘Vahana’ is the future of flying-cab service, believes the European aerospace giant Airbus after it gave a sneak-peek of its ambitious project. The name Vahana is derived from Sanskrit, world’s most ancient language, which means vehicles of gods in Hindu mythology. The final product is aimed at adding vertical element in transportation methods.
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BMW’s new motorcycle is smartest, most futuristic and safest ever


It was the occasion of BMW’s 100th birthday, and German Automotive Brand took the opportunity to unveil four concept vehicles with a vision for the next 100 years. At the event in California, BMW debuted the BMW Motorrad ‘Vision Next 100’ concept motorcycle along with three other Rolls Royce, Mini and BMW concepts revealed earlier. The Motorrad motorcycle is designed for ultimate riding experience; it is designed to be so artificially intelligent that a rider can ride it safely without any protective gear including a helmet. Read More…

Ripchair off-road wheelchair packs a four-stroke engine

Ripchair off-road wheelchair

Wheelchairs with tank treads or track chairs are a common site, but here is the Ripchair – the Land Rover of the track chair industry. Built originally for the Discovery Channel show, Howe and Howe Technologies, the Ripchair has been redesigned by brother’s Michael and Geoffrey after popular demand to help mobility-challenged people to access terrains that are otherwise inaccessible. Combining power, durability and freedom of mobility in one, the extreme off-road wheelchair is easy to control and ride. Read More…

Uniwheel, a single wheel ridable electric transporter available for pre-order

Uniwheel-single wheel electric transporter

A British company has launched the Uniwheel – a single wheel rideable electric transporter that is designed with the idea of transforming the way we negotiate the last mile. Described as the urban head turner on its website, the Uniwheel is designed for casual rule breakers – for rule breakers since it’s illegal to ride hoverboards and self-balancing unicycles on the payments in Britain. Weighing almost 24 pounds, the Uniwheel is one of the more feature-packed unicycle on the market. The Uniwheel features replaceable bumper, it has bi-directional LED backlight and headlights. Read More…

Students in Singapore develop electric-powered personal aircraft

snowstorm personal flying machine-1

Over the years humans have been fascinated with flying cars. And so, there have been endless endeavors to turn this fantasy for flying cars into reality. One such effort is underway at the National University of Singapore, where a group of engineering students have developed Snowstorm – a personal electric-powered flying machine. Created as part of an engineering project called FW Air: Electric Aviation, this electric powered aircraft is capable of vertical takeoff and landing and can be controlled effectively by a human pilot. Read More…

Self-driving taxis coming to Japan for the 2020 Summer Olympics

Robot Taxi

Self-driving cars are emerging to be the prime vision of the near future where automated vehicles will rule the streets. That dream is inching closer to reality as we have many prototype self-driving cars that promise safe ride even in the crowded streets that are not getting less busy in the coming years. Yet another development is taking place in Japan where a company Robot Taxi is on the verge of bringing robot taxis to the streets by 2016. The company is a joint venture between internet company DeNA and self-driving car technology company ZMP with support from the Japanese government.
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Transparent monorail planned for Shanghai looks thrilling enough

Transparent monorail shanghai

Far East has always been at the forefront of railways and the monorail technology with new innovations that make it convenient for commuters to travel safely and fast. Yet again we are on the brink of another railway pinnacle as a model of suspension railway having transparent hanging trains was displayed at the 2014 China International Industry Fair in Shanghai.
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Interview: Bimal Rajappan, designer of XOR Exoskeleton Rider personal mobility vehicle

Personal mobility concept XOR – Exoskeleton Rider by Bimal Rajappan

Personal mobility is the future of our urban living habits and manufacturers are trying to cash-in on this concept by developing their versions of personal mobility vehicles. An Indian design student Bimal Rajappan has come up with a very convincing conceptualization of Segway-inspired personal mobility vehicle called XOR – Exoskeleton Rider that could certainly be the future of urban personal mobility. We got the chance to get an exclusive interview with Bimal Rajappan who has ingeniously designed his version of Personal Mobility Vehicle that is quite impressive. So here we have the inquisitive queries that came to our mind and Bimal’s reply to those queries.
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