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CES 2017: Yi Erida is fastest carbon fiber drone you can control with phone

Yi Erida drone

Yi first made waves with $100 Xiaomi Yi action camera, now Atlas Dynamics has tagged up with Yi to deliver Yi Erida drone (a new sensation). Yi Erida is developed by Atlas Dynamics and it features a YI 4K camera onboard. It is first consumer drone made from carbon fiber. Unveiled at CES 2017, Yi Erida was shown in flight for the first time. Made from lightweight carbon fiber, the drone can reach speeds of up to 75 mph (approximately 120kmph), and it can remain airborne for almost 40 minutes, Atlas Dynamics claim. Read More…

Production version of Flike hoverbike debuts at Middle East Extreme Sports Expo


In the summer of 2014 we came across a movie-like flying object called Flike developed by Hungarian company Bye Gravity. At that time it was in prototype stage and some even doubted about its practicality. Those doubts have been laid to rest as the makers of Flike have come out with a bang, announcing the purchase availability to general public. This Star Wars like hoverbike will go up for sale worldwide early next year and for now people in Dubai can expect to fly aboard this larger than life machine during the Middle East Extreme Sports Expo.
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Flike Tricopter –Manned aerial vehicle that looks too risky to drive up in the sky

Flike manned aerial vehicle

Flike manned aerial vehicle takes its first flight

What do you get when a quadcopter is scaled to humungous proportions and a person is seated on it, driving the thing high up in the air? You get a Flike tricopter. Yes this is the new concept for personal commuting developed by the Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd. (state-owned applied research institute in Hungary) in just a year’s time. The Think Fly-Bike, also known as Flike took its first flight at Miskolc Airfield in northern Hungary on March 7 to demonstrate the capabilities of manned-rotor vehicle flight all set for the future of commuting.
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