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CES 2014: Mimo baby monitor gives real-time updates on infant’s vital aspects

Mimo baby monitor

Is this the wearable technology we have been waiting for? Well, Intel has joined in the CES party of wearable devices, and contrived what might be one of the most practical tracking conceptions for real-time scenarios. Designed in collaboration with Rest Devices, the contrivance entails a wearable tech onesie tailored for baby monitoring. Christened as the Mimo, the onesie comprises of a organic cotton kimono integrated with machine washable sensors (the green stripes). These special sensors are responsible for detecting and precisely measuring the baby’s respiration pattern.

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Naro-Tartaruga robot sea turtle that can carry payload underwater

A few days ago we had the BIOSwimmer robotic tuna fish featured here on Damn Geeky and now it’s the sloppy sea turtle’s turn to have the similar robotic avatar. Designed by a few Swiss chaps at ETH Zurich, Naro-Tartaruga, is turtle-inspired robotic machine having the agility of a sea turtle swimming in the seas able to carry cargo from one destination to the other. Right now it is in the development stage with the cylindrical aluminum vessel acting as the outer shell and couple of flippers fitted. When the turtle-bot will be complete it would traverse the waters at a top speed of 7 knots which is more than what a real turtle can achieve.
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