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First delivery drones commissioned to transport blood to hospitals in Rwanda

Zipline Zips delivery drones in Rwanda

We have seen drones deliver packages from Amazon and Burrito, but these delivery drones commissioned in Rwanda are for real and backed by the government for a purpose. Developed by Zipline – a San Francisco-based startup in collaboration with the government, the drones called Zips will be used to deliver blood to patients in Western Rwanda. The rural region has 21 transfusing centers but it has remained aloof of appropriate healthcare because of poor accessibility. Read More…

Edible drones will deliver emergency food in disaster zones


The concept of building drones with metal and plastic is so old fashioned, new trend is building edible drones. UAVs made from edible material just like this chocolate drone. In development is a new drone that will be edible and disposable and would be tailor made to reach food supplies to remote areas or disaster zones. The drone called Pouncer is being designed by engineer and adventurer Nigel Gifford, who came to fame for selling his solar satellite to Facebook for $20 million in 2014. Read More…

Teenager develops world’s fastest consumer drone

Teal Drone

The world’s fastest drone is just around the corner, and no it’s not a DJI drone. 18-year-old George Matus, who has always been fascinated by flying things is one step closer to releasing his production version of an intelligent drone. He has launched Teal, a drone for beginners which is claimed to be smarter than any drone currently available in the market. And it is twice as fast as the DJI Phantom 4 drone. Teal has a top speed of 85 mph, and it can be deemed as the sportscar of drone world. Just like any other drone, it has standard functions like barrel-rolling, flipping, camera stabilization and recording in 4K quality.
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Airbus develops a functional 3D printed UAV and its called Thor

airbus-unveils-3d-printed UAV Thor

The aerospace manufacturing giant Airbus has been involved with 3D printing and manufacturing since 2014. Over the period, Airbus aircrafts have been fitted with various 3D printed parts, but now the company is visualizing a future where 3D printed aircrafts will lift off straight from the runway. Airbus has recently filed a patent application from a 3D printing process to print a fully-functional airplane. While the patent takes time to materialize, Airbus has gone ahead and 3D printed a unmanned aerial vehicle named Thor at their manufacturing plant in Hamburg, Germany. Read More…

Amphibious drone lives underwater and takes aerial flight when needed


The longing for developing underwater drones is fast emerging as the new trend. To keep up with this craving, researchers at John Hopkins University have developed a drone which is good both in and out of water. In-fact it likes water more than land as it is capable of staying underwater for months in its base station and when needed take flight from there. Dubbed CRACUNS (Corrosion Resistant Aerial Covert Unmanned Nautical System) this waterproof drone can be attached to a submarine for missions that require underwater and aerial surveillance.
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Next age Micro Air Vehicles will fly like the bats

University of Southampton Micro Air Vehicle with active wings

There is growing trend amid micro aircraft makers to draw inspiration for their designs from nature. Latest example is University of Southampton researchers developed bat-inspired membrane wings for unmanned Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs), which could (researchers believe) help better drone’s performance, its mid-air stability and help it fly better and with more efficiency. Read More…

Sentry Drone rescues lost hikers by sniffing their heat signature

Sentry Drone for search and Rescue Operations

Drone can be a real asset in search and rescue operations along with looking for lost hikers in the woods. So far we only have seen a few such type of UAV’s tested for search of lost adventurers. One is the machine-learning software for drones to identify and follow man-made trails developed by University of Zurich, Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and NCCR Robotics. The other is a rugged drone developed by Flyability SA to aid rescue team of the Zermatt Glacier in Swiss Alps. A Canadian startup has also joined the bandwagon with Sentry Drone which is capable of searching lost hikers autonomously.

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Fly this drone from anywhere in the world without hitch

Rook Drone

One major limitation of flying drones is their handicap to be operated form a remote location. You need to be within certain range to operate the UAV’s and that jinx is just about to break. Rook is the world’s first drone which is capable of being controlled from anywhere. You can use it for a multitude of tasks like surveillance, operating in inhospitable conditions or having a look at what your pets are up to. The drone is connected via cloud with your smartphone which can be scheduled for flight, remotely from practically any location in the world.
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And now eagles will hunt down rouge drones in your alley

Eagle catches drone

There is no end to the drone menace, and most probably people are smart enough to employ their notorious drones to new mischiefs. Obviously, authorities and other independent town keepers have developed their own ways to shut down rouge drones. A new weapon in the fight against drones going bad is apparently developed billions of years ago by evolution. I’m talking about eagles and the Dutch National Police is using Eagles as its latest weapon against drones. To do this, the authorities have partnered with raptor training company Guard From Above to teach eagles how to pluck unwanted drones from the sky and bring them to a safe location.
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Droneboarding is the new idea for a fun weekend in winters


Drones are already in the limelight with Drone Racing League getting all the attention worldwide. But ordinary people in your backyard are coming up with unique ideas to put drones to good use. A new example of that is ‘Droneboarding’ a leisure activity where a powerful drone pulls a kid on snowboard in a snow covered street. Hang on, that is cool folks. The video submitted by Valplushka shows how the thing works and to pull a kid riding a snowboard requires power. For this the user has made a special drone which has 10 minutes of flying time and under peak performance it should at-least go 5 minutes.
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