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Smart shoe sole prevents diabetes ulcers from developing in the foot

Smart shoe Sole for diabetic ulcers_2

Diabetes is a dangerous condition which can lead to other complications which is worse cases leads to amputation of the foot or even fatality. To prevent such horrendous after-effects of a major diabetic attack, the researchers at EPFL’s Integrated Actuators Laboratory in collaboration with Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) have developed a smart shoe sole which prevents the development of diabetic foot ulcers or inhibits the present ones from worsening. This is done by valves in the sole which electronically control the pressure applied to the foot arch. Actuators control the stiffness of the sole to drastically reduce the chances of developing diabetic foot ulcers.
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Smart Bandage capable of detecting bedsores at a very early stage

Smart Bandage that detects bedsores and ulcers UC Berkeley

Bedsores and ulcers can be a real irritation for bed-ridden people, and they are very painful indeed. To counter this problem Engineers at UC Berkeley and researchers at UCSF are in the phase of developing a Smart Bandage that detects underlying development of bedsores at a very early stage. The development of this Smart Bandage is undertaken by UC Berkeley researchers who devised the software and hardware of the bandage, while UCSF carried out all the initial animal trials. Smart Bandage uses electrical signals (impedance spectroscopy) to detect tissue development under the skin for curing bedsores or ulcers at their root level.
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