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In India husbands are empowering wives with ‘self-defence umbrellas’

self defence umbrella

Did you know an umbrella could be used as a weapon; not as most effective weapon of course, but surely as an easy tool for self defence? Vodafone India has realized the incessant virtue and is running a campaign to empower women in rural parts of the country with self-defence umbrellas. The initiative is part of Vodafone m-pesa to educate, protect and empower women, reminding them that ‘safety, after all, lies in their own hands.’ Read More…

Ambitious line of wearable drones for the future take limelight at SxSW!

Frog Design Wearable drones Flare

Frog Design reveals line of wearable drones for the future

Wearable Nixie Drone showcased at CES 2015 set the bar for futuristic wearable robots that more than meets the eye. And now a Frog Design, an ambitious new venture that eyes the future is embarking on a sci-fi ride that will leave most of us flabbergasted. Their primary focus is on wearable technology that can impact your lives in n number of ways. To be precise, they are working on wearable drones that assist you through chalk and cheese.
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Air Umbrella creates air flow over the head to shelter from rain

Air Umbrella

Umbrellas are getting smarter by the day, but the basic design of an umbrella hasn’t seen a major change yet. Umbrella still have long poking tips and they still tend to flip inside out on a windy day. Not anymore – the basics of umbrella could be in for a change with the real “invisible umbrella” up for fundraising on Kickstarter. Dubbed the Air Umbrella, this is designed to take advantage of cone of jetted air to shelter from rain. Air above the head to protect from rain may sound hard to believe, but the video demo bellow shows the Air Umbrella actually works. Read More…

UnBRELLA solves the ‘wet umbrella’ problem with its reverse folding

UnBRELLA Upside Down Umbrella by H Concept

We don’t know anything about re-inventing the wheel; but re-inventing the umbrella? Now, that’s cool enough! Japanese designer Hiroshi Kajimoto has come up with what he terms as the ‘UnBRELLA’, an umbrella-like contraption with upside down features. Now, before we push more of your confusion buttons, the conception works like a regular umbrella. However, its metal frame is constructed on the outer surface of the canopy. This ‘opposite’ mechanism allows you to fold your umbrella with the wet surface being enclosed (rather than the lower dry side being enclosed). The end result is a simple solution to our eternal ‘wet umbrella’ predicament.

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Illuminated Umbrella lights up in dark rainy conditions

Bright Night Illuminated Umbrella

Let me picture a scenario for you, rainy night with no lights around and you can’t even see the path you are walking on. Either you switch on the screen light of your smartphone or use a flashlight to lighten up the paving path. But what if you are holding too much in your hands and don’t have a flashlight handy in your bag? Then you’ll surely have to watch your step in that rainy dark night and hope that you reach home safely without toppling over. Having an umbrella which can protect you from the rain and at the same time lighten up the road you are walking on will surely have you one less to worry about these monsoons. Bright Night Illuminated Umbrella by a Japanese product manufacturer has a 6V krypton light bulb mounted inside that lights up anytime you want to have a clear vision of what you are walking on.

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Komorebi umbrella shades you with greenery in rain and sun

Komorebi umbrella

We’ve seen some really innovative umbrellas to beat the heat and rain. Some of my favorite one’s until had been the unbreakable walking stick umbrella and the Brolly rain umbrella with handle to facilitate texting, but now I think the Komorebi umbrella by designers Fumito Kogure and Shinya Kaneko is my new favorite. The Komorebi isn’t just a shade against strong ultraviolet rays and downpour it’s also a shade from monotonous urban lifestyle with amazing greenery in its make.

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Rainshader umbrella protects you from unrelenting downpour on a rainy day

Rainshader umbrella

When it is raining like cats and dogs your umbrella is practically useless when it comes to protecting your clothes and lower body area from the relentless spell of downpour from the skies up above. And if the conditions are windy then it becomes extremely difficult to keep hold of the umbrella and protect yourself from getting wet. Keeping this in mind, Rainshader Umbrellas (Sports and street umbrella making company) has designed the Rainshader Sports Model Umbrella which looks like an old bike helmet. Very effective in rain, sun and windy conditions; this new umbrella design courtesy University of Warwick and Umbrella research team in United Kingdom makes sure you don’t get wet in the rain or sunburns in the harshest of sunny days.

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Unbreakable Walking Stick Umbrella that you can swing like a baseball bat for self-defense

Unbreakable Walking Stick Umbrella

Walking out on the streets on cold dark stormy nights can attract attention of thugs and anti-social elements no matter what. So you definitely need a self-defense weapon to tackle any kind of situation. But a self-defense weapon is not that readily available to all and carrying something that doesn’t look like a self-defense weapon but actually is, always pays-off. Unbreakable Walking Stick Umbrella by Real Self-defense (designed by Thomas Kurtz) is an unbreakable umbrella that can really help you out in odd situations where you need to protect yourself, no matter what.
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LOCOMO Flintlock Pistol Shotgun Short Umbrella is your weapon for rainy conditions

LOCOMO Flintlock Pistol Shotgun Short Umbrella

Next time you walk on the streets with your umbrella hanging from the shoulders, people would respect you even more probably out of fear! Yes, you heard it right, they would think twice before messing with you and why wouldn’t they? After all you’ll be carrying a shotgun with you. This retro styled LOCOMO Flintlock Pistol Shotgun Short Umbrella is made to look like a real shotgun. So when the rain comes down pouring, all you have to do is take out the umbrella from the backside, pull the trigger and you’ll be shielded from getting wet.
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Brolly rain umbrella with ergonomic handle for hassle free texting on mobile phone

Texting is something we all are addicted to doing when on the road, listening to music, studying in our room or in the office. But when the rain gods come down, you have to carry around an umbrella while texting with one hand holding the umbrella and other one on the mobile. This can be really awkward and tiring on the fingers, that is why a design team from Chicago has created the Brolly rain umbrella having an ergonomic handle which lets you use the thumb and fingers to be used as support for holding the mobile phone. Brolly is made from a very soft rubber material and the umbrella frame crafted from tough ABS plastic which can take on any wet and windy conditions no matter what.

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