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Amphibian SCUBA Diving Simulator: MIT researchers give disabled a way to explore underwater life

Amphibian SCUBA diving simulator

Scuba diving as an experience transports you into an altogether different world, and unfortunately having a phobia of deep water, I never managed to experience it myself. For people like me who are too afraid to venture into the depth of waters to explore a completely different world, researchers at MIT Media Lab’s Living Mobile Group have developed a SCUBA diving simulator. The research led by Dhruv Jain, a Master of Science candidate in the MIT Media Lab, who is partially deaf, along with Mishra Sra has come-up with the SCUBA simulator to help people with disability or water aqua phobia.
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Underwater jetpack makes you glide effortlessly through water

x2 Sports Underwater Jet Pack_1

Jetpacks have always been the most exciting innovation of modern times, and there a good reason for it. They give us wings and perhaps the most exhilarating experience of flight that we otherwise can only long for. Now, yet another intuitive project seeks to let loose our adventure thirst, and make us fly underwater like an amphibious mammal. This is exactly what underwater divers would love to have in their hands. x2 Sports Underwater Jet Pack developed by the duo of brothers Simon and Chris Parke is up on Indiegogo for fund-raising, and promises to bring another dimension to watersports as-well-as underwater exploration.
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DeepFlight Dragon is a personal submarine for the filthy rich

DeepFlight Dragon personal submarine

At the ongoing Monaco Yacht Show, DeepFlight have revealed their next generation personal submarine dubbed “Dragon” that can be taken on-board a standard yacht and piloted without much training. This two-seater electric engine-powered submersible can operate at a depth of up to 400 feet and courtesy its fixed positive buoyancy the underwater craft comes safely to the water surface in case of some operational glitch. The $1.5million personal submarine is top of the line luxury submersible that’ll definitely appeal to rich adventurous people.
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This waterproof selfie stick shoots underwater footage with your GoPro

Waterproof selfie stick for GoPro

Good news for GoPro users has just arrived in the form of a waterproof selfie stick that can be taken underwater without any worries. This selfie stick mount for the GoPro has an in-built 6,700 mAh battery which extends the shooting time to almost 12 hours in one go. Polar Pro, known for its action sports and outdoor accessories has launched the PowerGrip H2O on Kickstarter and it looks on its way to getting funded on the crowd-funding platform.
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OpenROV Trident mini submarine is aquatic drone for underwater exploration

OpenROV Trident mini submarine

In times when drones are stealing all the limelight, how about an aquatic submarine that is way cooler than any quadcopter out there? After all underwater life is much more fascinating than on land and there is more to explore than we can even think of. Last year we saw the OpenROV tele-robotic submarine successfully pitch to the underwater explorers and it was only time before another improved version captured our eye. OpenROV Trident pitched as an easy to operate underwater drone with an on-board HD camera (1080 resolution @ 30fps) now gives you one more reason to be awe-inspired by the magnificence of underwater life.
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U-Boat Worx C-Research 3 submersible is ideal for deep water exploration

U-Boat Worx C-Research 3 submersible

U-Boat is an expert when it comes to submersibles as we have seen from their earlier creations like the Worx HP Sport Sub 2 and Super Yacht Sub 3. Their new researched light-weight submersible which can take a dive to depths of 1,700 meters. U-Boat Worx C-Research 3 is the world’s first transparent 3 man submersible which takes one pilot and two passengers to the unexplored depths of water. Designed particularly for scientific research of never before seen locations, this high-performance submersible has ultra-wide field of vision and also comfort.
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Mount GoPro to this snorkeling mask and document any underwater adventure in POV

GoPro Underwater Mask

Scuba diving adventures are always mesmerizing as you go on appreciating the underwater life. Keeping this in mind Thanko launched a waterproof swimming goggles with in-built waterproof HD camera that shoot first-person-view videos in high quality. Now the Japanese manufacturer of cheeky gadgets is back with a similar kind of scuba diving goggles, but with one major difference.
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DIYer creates dirt cheap underwater breathing device that you can make

DIY underwater breathing device

Rulof Maker, the popular DIYer from Europe never seizes to amaze with his simple yet effective creations. This time too he has built an easy to construct device that lets you breathe underwater. The DIY Underwater Breathing Device is a quick replacement to all the fancy breathing equipment that allows you to take deep dives into the depths of water.
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World’s lightest submarine is here for underwater adventures

Triton 1650 3 LP submersible submarine

World’s lightest submersible

The world’s lightest and compact submarine is here and Triton proudly brags of that fact. Triton 1650/3 LP submersible is a three man submarine (one driver and two passengers) ideal for underwater adventure in all its glory. This underwater vehicle weighs just 8,580 pounds and 5.9 feet tall, making it a super light-weight submarine which is agile and maneuverable. Read More…

Octopus-inspired Rocket is one nimble robotic underwater creature

Octopus inspired robot by SMART researchers

Octopus is one of the smartest creature on planet earth, and no wonder intellectuals have tried to mimic its intelligence beyond comprehension. Researchers at FORTH tried to mimic the movement of octopus in water by developing a robot dubbed Octobot, having webbed tentacles with success. Now, another similar kind of octopus-inspired robot developed by Gabriel D. Weymouth and Mr Vignesh Subramaniam, Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) research engineer has come to light. This endeavor deemed as Octopus-inspired Rocket is slightly better than the effort by FORTH researcher D. Tsakiris, since this robotic octopus can propel 10 times its body length in just 1 second flat.
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