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PowreRay underwater robot – Enjoy VR fishing experience with 4K UHD camera

powerray underwater robot
Technology has taken recreational activities to a new level. Drones or robotics and AI are intruding in almost every field from playing music instruments, singing, chatting to fighting in battlefield by replacing humans. Technology offers to enhance the experience and make it easier in most cases like PowerVision Robot Corporation’s new fishfinder and underwater robot for videography and photography – PowerRay.
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Octobot looks surprisingly real as it swims in the Mediterranean Sea

Octobot underwater robot

We, human as innovators have always tried to take inspiration from nature and sometimes completely emulate the creatures for some functionality. The same is true for robotic creatures that we have been accustomed to seeing. This time around researchers have managed to imitate one of the most intelligent underwater creature, the octopus. D. Tsakiris from the Institute of Computer Science, FORTH (Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas) in Heraklion, Greece and his team have managed to make a robotic Octopus vulgaris, dubbed Octobot which has silicone arms and attached web that propels it like a real creature in the water.
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Underwater explosive detecting drone will keep United States shores safe

Explosive detecting underwater drone

Just like the skies, underwater territories are going to be much safer now courtesy those drones. Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N.J. in collaboration with four other schools are developing an underwater drone that is capable of detecting unexploded bombs, missiles, mines and explosives underwater. For this The Department of Defense gave $15,000 for the development of the drone to escalate the safety of U.S shores and surrounding water bodies.
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Naro-Tartaruga robot sea turtle that can carry payload underwater

A few days ago we had the BIOSwimmer robotic tuna fish featured here on Damn Geeky and now it’s the sloppy sea turtle’s turn to have the similar robotic avatar. Designed by a few Swiss chaps at ETH Zurich, Naro-Tartaruga, is turtle-inspired robotic machine having the agility of a sea turtle swimming in the seas able to carry cargo from one destination to the other. Right now it is in the development stage with the cylindrical aluminum vessel acting as the outer shell and couple of flippers fitted. When the turtle-bot will be complete it would traverse the waters at a top speed of 7 knots which is more than what a real turtle can achieve.
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Students develop underwater robot to dive 100 meters in sea

This year’s international underwater robotics competition taking place in Florida next month, is slated to see robotics pepped up to an all new level with an underwater robot – students from the University of Washington in Seattle are conjuring up. The robot, Trevor Uptain and his colleagues are developing, is far more advanced than a robot that a dives about 5 meters into the pool (something the competition desires).
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