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Uniwheel, a single wheel ridable electric transporter available for pre-order

Uniwheel-single wheel electric transporter

A British company has launched the Uniwheel – a single wheel rideable electric transporter that is designed with the idea of transforming the way we negotiate the last mile. Described as the urban head turner on its website, the Uniwheel is designed for casual rule breakers – for rule breakers since it’s illegal to ride hoverboards and self-balancing unicycles on the payments in Britain. Weighing almost 24 pounds, the Uniwheel is one of the more feature-packed unicycle on the market. The Uniwheel features replaceable bumper, it has bi-directional LED backlight and headlights. Read More…

AirWheel A3 electric commuter looks to take on Segway in a big way

Airwheel A3 personal commuting vehicle

Taking a detour from the trend of Segway-like personal mobility vehicles is this self-balancing scooter with a saddle that focuses on ergonomic riding comfort. In-fact it is somewhere between an electric unicycle and a Segway-like scooter, taking the best features from both these designs and putting it into one personal commuter. This is AirWheel A3 electric self-balancing scooter designed for urban commuting and portability.
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