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Ampler smart electric bike – Excellent companion for urban commuters

ampler electric bike
Same way that all phones are gradually being replaced by affordable smartphones, electric bikes would be replaced by sophisticated, simpler ones. Estonia-based Company Ampler has designed, perhaps, one of the best electric bikes for urban commuting. Despite carrying batteries, the bike weighs only 14 kg, which is 35% lighter than common electric bikes, and comes with a dedicated app with a number of functions. The ones to control bike assist ratio, generate journey details on map, and it also indicate battery charge, temperature, voltage, speed, estimated time of arrival etc. But the best part is that it looks like normal bikes. Read More…

Walking Bicycle: Electric-powered personal commuter for elderly

Walking bicycle electric pedal powered bicycle.jpg

A Japanese auto part manufacturer, Katyama Kogyo has come up with a tricycle for the elderly called Walking Bicycle which is cool enough to become young people’s personal commuter too. The stand-up tricycle is assisted by an electric motor that makes it reach top speeds of 24 km/h as the user steps on its pedals alternately. The electric assistance of the tricycle has a brushless motor and lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can be juiced up in around 2 hours using any household power outlet in your garage. On one charge the tricycle goes around 20 km on flat road and the number may vary on gradients.
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