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Ampler smart electric bike – Excellent companion for urban commuters

ampler electric bike
Same way that all phones are gradually being replaced by affordable smartphones, electric bikes would be replaced by sophisticated, simpler ones. Estonia-based Company Ampler has designed, perhaps, one of the best electric bikes for urban commuting. Despite carrying batteries, the bike weighs only 14 kg, which is 35% lighter than common electric bikes, and comes with a dedicated app with a number of functions. The ones to control bike assist ratio, generate journey details on map, and it also indicate battery charge, temperature, voltage, speed, estimated time of arrival etc. But the best part is that it looks like normal bikes. Read More…

Volocopter’s VC 200 confirms advent of third dimension to urban mobility

Volocopter personal flying machine

Yesterday, we were talking about Flyboard Air, an hoverboard with jet-turbine beneath it, was tested successfully by Franky Zaparta. It was simply mind blowing to watch human kind achieve such landmark. Anyways, do you remember German company e-volvo’s multicopter named the’ Volocopter’ which the company had begun to test in 2011? In its first manned 90 second flight test, watching a man sitting atop lots of rotors was kind of weird, but you are going to love the refiner version ‘VC 200’ of Volocopter that the company has successfully tested. Read More…

DjBoard: Designer combines music and skateboard

DjBoard by Ruben Oya

What could be the possible outcome when somebody blends Skate and Music into one? Well, we guess it should be nothing less than pure awesomeness. Industrial Designer Ruben Oya have just done that by developing an impressive concept for urban mobility. DjBoard is a conceptual design project that combines longboard and a music mixing interface. The mobility project transportation design offers a double function product by merging together the culture of Dj mixing and the world of skateboard. The longboard comes with a touch-sensitive interface and two speakers that connects to a smartphone to create a music-mixing platform.
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Smartphone controlled Velo electric bicycle embedded with high-end wireless technology

Just like a high end luxury sedan or sports car wouldn’t it be great if you had a bicycle integrated with latest technology? That is why Velo (urban mobility company) is developing and electric bicycle which can be customized for rider’s preferred settings of gear ratios, level of assistance, object sensing for collision avoidance, adaptive routing for efficient commuting or even social integration to connect with buddies. Targeted primarily for urban commuters the electric bicycle is a much cheaper, sustainable and efficient means of transportation in crowded cities as well as rugged terrain on the outskirts.
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Amplified Walking concept gives a whole new meaning to personalized urban commuting

It a well-known fact that trend urbanization will have a major impact on the way we get around in cities and less populated areas. Going by the mobility theme it looks probable that people would want a personal means of transportation that is easy to carry around and on the same lines a new urban mobility concept has come to light that is called Amplified Walking that looks to bridge the gap between fast transport and locations within city center. Build from parts such as wheels, motors, batteries and an outer frame the core idea is to amplify the natural walking stance of human beings and provide a much faster means of transport.
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