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EMC: Fully mechanical wristwatch with artificial intelligence adjusts to your lifestyle

Unwerk EMC fully mechanical wristwatch

Wristwatches, especially the digital watches have really become redundant since the advent of mobile phones. And since the outbreak of smartphones, watches are all about fashion more than functionality. Then be it the weirdness of Tokyoflash or the accuracy of the world’s first precision mechanical watch (pictured above), wristwatches have become the most complicated fashion accessories ever. The fully interactive EMC (Electro Mechanical Control) by URWERK is the first precision mechanical wristwatch in which users can monitor and adjust time to their lifestyle.

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C3H5N3o9 a premium watch by MB&F and Urwerk is style laden

When two high end watchmakers like MB&F and Urwerk team up you can surely bet the end product is going to be nothing less than amazing. C3H5N3o9 or known as the chemical makeup of nitroglycerin this experimental watch will be made intwo versions called the Experiment ZR012 and RG012 having zirconium or 18k red gold case respectively. Having a movement based on principle employed in a Wankel rotary engine, a kind of eccentric movement by the triangular engine rotor, the watch is unique its own right.
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