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Sub-$100 Xiaomi Yi action camera is Chinese OEM’s first device to land in US


If you’re in the States and wanted to own one of the inexpensive gadgets from Xiaomi; you’re in luck as Xiaomi brings its first product (not a phone) to US – a low-cost, high performance Xiaomi Yi action camera available through Amazon.  Launched at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Xiaomi Yi action camera may not be as effective as the high-end GoPros, but to give you a sense of its performance – the camera pits well against the rather expensive basic GoPro cams, and costs as little as $99.95. Read More…

U.S. challenges Japan to a giant robot battle in real life

Giant robots battle

We have seen robots fight it out in Real Steel movie and Pacific Rim will take that to another level come 12 July 2015. So why can’t we have robots fight it out in real life? There is a hot battle in the making as US company MegaBots Inc. has challenged its closest rival Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a duel through Youtube’s channel.
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