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Tiny DART-C charger for USB Type-C laptops can juice up your phone simultaneously

Finsix Dart-C

FINsix launched DART – smallest laptop charger, back in September but it lacked the fast charging USB Type-C. Recently, the company announced DART-C, a USB Type-C charger for laptops. Yes, you heard that right. Billed as the world’s smallest charger for USB Type-C laptops, the DART-C could definitely shed some load off your backpack. OEMs have been constantly developing thinnest of laptops, but the ungainful chargers with bulky adaptors do no good to their case. A device like the DART-C however promises laptop users to carry light, yet charge their laptops as and when required. Read More…

OmniCharge: Smart, pocket-sized power bank charges every possible device


If you haven’t used a power bank for extra juice on the smartphone, you’d probably be living in a different world. Having used a few external power sources I’ve realized it’s a little more than an ask for a power bank to charge a laptop. And yes, if there are any, they’re either too bulky or too big to tug along. Enter OmniCharge, an out for crowdfunding device that is pocket sized and good enough to charge any device under the sun. So, how is this possible? Claimed to be the world’s smallest power bank, OmniCharge comes with an AC/DC Power Outlet and a couple of USB Fast-Charging ports for powering nearly any device you possess. Read More…