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Build your own tiny, functional paper V8 engine with these plans and tutorials

v8 paper engine
Aliaksei Zholner, an incredible papercraft artist, is offering DIY geeks a chance to build a DIY tiny, functional paper V8 engine. Though, it appears quite challenging, some of the readers might benefit from the charts and step-by-step development of parts and assembly given in a PDF file. It would require lots of cutting and assembly that is very complex. Read More…

Maserati V8 engine powered Lazareth LM 847 motorbike is what Batman would die for

Lazareth LM 847 motorcycle

This mean looking machine fit for Gotham’s superhero Batman is the work of French automotive manufacturer Lazareth. Having four wheels in total the motorcycle is one machine that will let loose your imagination. Deriving its power from a 4.7-liter Maserati V8 engine, the Lazareth LM 847 is nothing like you have seen so far. It is a machine worth riding in your dreams and I’m sure you’ll be already doing that.
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V8 engine-powered custom trike apt for Mad Max world

V8 engine powered custom trike

The vehicles featured in Mad Max: Fury Road were extreme and induced adrenaline rush as they intimidated in the post-apocalyptic era. Many around the world were inspired by their design and decided to make one for themselves, having design inspirations from the ones shown in the movie. But this trike was made even before the movie got released and I can’t believe it didn’t catch anybody’s eye. Just look at this thing, its brute power and looks unlike any three-wheeler that you’ve seen so far.
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Lego Ferrari F40 with removable V8 engine is bliss for supercar and Lego fans

Lego Ferrari F40 with removable V8 engine

Lego Ferrari F40 designed by Michael Psiaki

The most iconic supercar of the late 1980s with a style revolution when we talk of dynamic design is most definitely Ferrari F40. So Lego Creator teamed-up with Ferrari to build a Lego replica of the F40 supercar that was personally approved by Enzo Ferrari. To make it look exactly like the real car, designer Michael Psiaki used 1,158 Lego pieces and some custom made parts like the windshield, wheel rim inserts, bows that represent the pillars that support roof of the car and headlights.
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You won’t believe what this Apocalyptic Fury Road Vehicle actually is!

Apocalyptic Fury Road Vehicle DIY

Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 Apocalyptic Fury Road Vehicle

Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 has just hit the theatres and already it is turning out to be a money churner. Perhaps a perfect situation for Mighty Car Mods, who have created the most outrageously cool Apocalyptic Fury Road Vehicle that even the movie crew would be proud of. Blair “Moog” Jocylene and Martin “Marty” Mulholland, the two pillar stones of Mighty Car mods have put quite and effort in modifying a Nissan 240SX S15 Silvia into a zombie apocalypse vehicle that can survive even the worse.
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Pair of V8 engines decked out using Swarowski crystals and 24-karat gold

V8 engines with Swarowski crystals and 24-karat gold

I don’t know how many times I would open the hood of my car to reveal a Swarovski studded and gold plated V8 crate engine inside. That is me, I’m sure I won’t earn enough blogging to own such an exuberant engine. On the contrary, if you have the cash to burn, then you have a chance to take home this made-to-order V8 engine decked out with Swarowski crystals and 24-karat gold. Created meticulously by Proform Parts for Ford Racing and Chevrolet, two Swarowski studded, 24-karat gold plated V8 crate engines were revealed at SEMA tradeshow. Read More…

V8 Wet Rod Concept personal watercraft will hit the waters later this year

V8 Wet Rod Concept personal watercraft

Do you think yachts and other personal watercrafts that you have seen so far are cool? Then you probably need to have a look at this V8 Wet Rod Concept personal watercraft designed by renowned designer Kurt Strand for Strand Craft. As impressive as this personal watercraft looks, it has been designed with important feedback from professional watercraft riders. And it will come to you as a surprise that this amazing personal watercraft will be a reality next year.

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Ken Block unleashes the Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX, the world’s fastest snowcat

Ken Block's Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX

Ken Block and his burnout shenanigans have enticed us Motorsport enthusiasts for long. And now, Block’s Hoonigan Racing Division team has put up a collaborative effort with California’s Special Vehicle Concepts to create the Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX speed monster. Touted as the world’s fastest snowcat, the hefty craft is an upgraded version of an original SVT Raptor SuperCab. And, the ultimate result is a boisterous back-country snowboard vehicle with a robust Whipple supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine. This is bolstered by a ‘gripping’ array of Mattracks rubber tracks that are much more reminiscent of mighty tanks than those paltry, ordinary snowmobiles.

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Australian V8 chainsaw chops down wood like knife through butter

Australian V8 chainsaw by Whitland engineering

Next time you hear a V8 engine roaring in the Australian outback don’t pre-assume that you’ll see a muscle car or sports roadster speeding by you anytime. Whitlands Engineering Victoria have created a monstrous chainsaw powered by 4.1 liter Holden V8 engine that can chop down humungous logs of wood like a slice of bread. Made from ¾ pitch harvester chain and 1000mm harvester bar the monster chainsaw knocks down 550mm hardwood peppermint wood in just couple of seconds flat. . It is driven through 1:1 ratio right angle drive that transfers maximum power to the chainsaw blades. Watch the video that follows to see it in action as you’ll be surely amazed.
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Functional Lego Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is the closest to real thing

Lego Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 by Sheepos Garage

We all love muscle cars and Ford Mustang is one of them, capturing our imagination, probably a car that every one of you out there want to drive someday. The famous Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 has got a very different kind of 1:8 scale replica model built by Sheepo’s Garage that is fully functional and comes in Lego make. Fully functional rear wheel drive train and having automotive functions that will surprise you beyond belief, this Shelby GT500 model is a masterpiece in itself. For example the 3500 Lego parts used to carve this beauty has a functional 5-speed gearbox, disc brakes, McPherson front struts, disc brakes, a real feedback steering wheel with ackerman geometry and a tiny V8 engine that hurls it up to speeds of 3 kph in top gear.

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