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Drone delivering flowers to lover – Valentine’s Day idea perhaps!

Flower Drone delivery

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air, literally! A Hong Kong based flower delivery start-up “Gift Flowers Hong Kong” has come up with a very unique way to spread love this Valentine’s Day. They are using DJI drones to deliver fresh flowers to your loved ones in Hong Kong to express affection in a very tech savvy way. AS you can see from the video clip below, the company shows how the drone delivers a bunch of roses to the intended location without hitch.
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World’s first pink iPhone 6 coming this Valentine’s Day

Amosu pink iPhone 6 on Valentines day

Whatever may the technology reviewers like us think about the iPhone 6 but it is a hot gadget alright. The iPhone 6 accessories and news concerning the smartphone always sells as hot cakes in the market. This also gives opportunity to third-party manufacturers to come up with iPhone 6 variants that are a bit different from the league. Amosu, a renowned luxury-brand company has come up with a limited edition Apple iPhone 6 in pink flavor. Deemed as the world’s first pink iPhone 6, the custom-made Apple iPhone draped in pink color will be launched on Valentine’s Day.
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MS Tech: A smart wearable for your Valentine

Chinese company develops Ms Tech necklace

Looking to gift something unique and stylish to your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day? Although, the festival of romantic love is still about a month away, it better to be well prepared in advance with all the plans and gifts. Chinese tech startup MT is there to help you with the right choice of gift for your tech-savvy valentine. The company has developed MS Tech, a smart necklace that besides offering a sophisticated and graceful look also packs some advanced features. Unlike other hi-tech wearables which while focusing on advanced features don’t pay much attention to the look of the wearable, the MS Tech necklace looks pretty elegant and well-suited for formal occasions and casual parties as well.
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Company dabbles with the cool initiative of drones delivering flowers

Flower Delivery Drone program

Technology and emotions; the two vastly different fields are not always known to conform to each other. However, with our present-day applications of technology, the vast ‘mechanized’ scope is certainly crucial for the more ‘personalized’ side of affairs. This is aptly proven by the Flower Delivery Drone program. The innovative Valentine’s Day-oriented project is started by the FlowerDeliveryExpress.com, a multi-million dollar company that has been delivering flowers for over 67 years. And as this new program name suggests, the organization is now looking forth to develop a special delivery system that involves drones and flowers.

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Arcade Cabinet Candy is perfect gift for geek lovers this Valentine’s Day

Geeks also need love, and so do they need candies to bring sweetness in their otherwise busy life. Is your other significant half is too bunched up being the smart one, or if there is someone who likes geek stuff but doesn’t give much significance to chocolates or red roses, then why not express you love to them with this geek nectar. Go on, gift them a pocket full of these Arcade Cabinet Candies and they’ll surely fall in love with you this Valentine’s Day. Aracde machines are always dear to geeks and it reminds them of the good old childhood days when a quarter was worth more than gold, just because it could be pumped into the cabinet to play classic games like Space Invaders and Pac-man. Well, this Arcade Cabinet Candy is perfect for gifting a geek you love as it comes only for $3 per tin.
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Chocolate beer served in edible chocolate glass is perfect gift this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better to gift your other significant half than a beer chocolate with a glass made of chocolate that can be eaten when you finish the drink. Launched in a Limited Edition of 500, the set has one 300 mL Imperial Chocolate Stout beer in chocolate flavor and a chocolate glass made by St. Gallen to compliment the flavor. The chocolate glass is specially designed to melt in your mouth and not while you are holding it. The raw material for making this beer is chocolate malt which is roasted hot to emulsify the flavors in the beer and the chocolate used is 2.5 times more than used in normal dark beer.

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Edible Valentine’s Day card: Let your lover eat your heart out with joy

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and probably for the other significant too. That is why London-based medical artist Emily Evans has created an edible Valentine’s Day card from edible stuff and the writing ink that is edible too. Using potato starch, vegetable oil and water this edible card can be eaten without any fear of your tummy going bad. The card is completely blank and thus gives you the opportunity to put your heart out to the loved one in words, drawings and special signs that you two find important to your relationship.

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