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5 step to convert YouTube video to Mp3 and associated benefits


YouTube is a magical platform where anyone can go and find a way to become a creator. Expression and originality run free and people can find new ways to engage, start conversations and solve pressing issues. One of the most significant features users have been demanding ever since YouTube’s humble beginning, has been the ability to hold onto the YouTube videos of their choice to be able to enjoy the files at any time of their choice, even offline. Read More…

Hands-on review: Smoovie pocket-sized video stabilizer for smartphone and action camera

Smoovie pocket-sized video stabilizer for smartphone and action camera_3

It’s time for another review, and this time, it’s about a video stabilizer for your smartphone and GoPro. On first look, it might not look that useful, but this accessory is worth every penny. Smoovie pocket video stabilizer is ideal for people who like to create video content using their smartphone or action camera. The idea is to make smooth, jitter-free videos in the most seamless way possible. So let’s have a look at how this compact video stabilizer performed.
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Snapchat Spectacles record your video snippets in a trendy way

SnapChat Spectacles

Snap Inc., formerly known as Snapchat is eyeing the future with its bold new pair of smart sunglasses dubbed ‘Spectacles’. The idea is to record video snippets which are saved to the Snapchat memories, and then share it with friends. You would say that they are somewhat similar to what other wearables aim to achieve, but Snap Inc. is keeping things simple. Their iteration is to make a pair of sunglasses that look cool, and record live action with the push of a button.
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$50 Elsewhere glass turns 2D video on iPhone into immersive 3D


Virtual reality has the potential to change gaming and entertainment forever; the only problem, VR is still pretty expensive. A new eyewear called Elsewhere wants to change that at a very nominal cost. Developed by husband and wife duo of Wendellen and Aza Raskin, Elsewhere glasses comes with a iOS app and turns any 2D video in your camera roll into an immersive 3D virtual reality footage. Read More…

Drill-powered skateboard is one crazy idea for DIY’ers

Drill powered skateboard

You can get a new age electric skateboard for yourself, but where’s the fun in that? For creative geeks like you and me the best options is to spend the weekend building something that is unique and exciting. Youtube user [Inspire To Make] has got quite a few impressive DIYs under their belt and this one just crashed their popularity meter. A drill-powered electric skateboard which you can also make at home.

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iPhone SE frozen in ice and dropped from 100 feet height

Apple iPhone SE ice block test

Gadgets, especially smartphones have to go through a lot these days when we talk about pushing the envelope of crash testing. Youtube users are going bonkers and creating videos that show them going through hell and amazingly some even survive what would seem like a lost cause. Apple have just released the iPhone SE and no wonder it also has to go through the painful ordeal of all the cray tests we humans can think of. This time around it is about freezing the phone overnight and then dropping it from a height of 100 feet to see its break-even point. Does the iPhone SE survive this herculean ice block test? Well, watch in the video that follows and see what happens.
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VR 360-degree videos coming to Apple TV courtesy Littlestar

Virtual reality hardware and software is really popular with the tech savvy masses these days and Apple fans have yet another reason to feel happy. Littlestar is bringing their virtual reality app for Apple TV which promises immersive VR content and 360 videos. This app is going to give you a wide array of options to watch content from popular brands including Showtime, Disney, PBS, National Geographic and Red Bull. To view VR content using Littlestar you’ll have to use the Siri Remote’s trackpad for a 360 view field in any direction.
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Ultimate Star Wars Medley played on Millennium Falcon-themed piano

Player Piano Ultimate Star Wars Medley

Hugely anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie is coming to theaters this week, and it’s going to blow the charts I have a strong gut feel. Everything related to the Star Wars movie is selling like hot cakes in stores as well as on the internet. No wonder there are many creative DIY’s too that are themed around Star Wars franchise. Film composer and concert pianist Sonya Belousova and Flimmaker Tony Grey have composed the Ultimate Star Wars Melody they call “Player Piano” adding their own take on this celebration. And yes, don’t forget to notice the custom piano themed on the Millennium Falcon design.
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Blowing idea: Dad attaches leaf blower to son’s Power Wheels truck [Video]

Leaf blower attached to Power wheels

When was the last time you allowed your kid to handle a leaf blower for you? Most of us would say never. That’s how it’s been, simply because as dads we fear kids mishandling the tool, so we keep them away. But fearless dad Jarrad Provost worked smart and attached a leaf blower to his son’s Power Wheels truck, safety assured. The nifty little act allows little Provost to drive through their yard blowing away all the fall leaves, while daddy Provost relaxes in the couch. While you feel inspired, and stick up a leaf blower to your kid’s vehicle – check out the video below to see how Provost Jr. fairs with the task at hand. Read More…

Now you can watch Youtube videos in virtual reality mode with Google Cardboard

Youtube VR videos

Whatever Youtube is doing seems to be right as their videos load in a jiffy, there are many options and everything is falling in their court. Now, they are taking things forward by pushing support for Google Cardboard VR headset to view Youtube videos. That means you can now view 360-degree virtual reality worlds in a 3D like environment using your Android smartphone.
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