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Volvo is about to introduce Skype in high-end 90 Series cars

 Volvo 90 Series cars with Skype

The automotive industry has witnessed significant technological growth over the past years or so. Most of us depend on Skype to stay connected to our families, colleagues and clients in our routine personal and professional life. Well, there is good news for fans of Volvo Cars.  The premium car maker has announced that it will introduce Skype into its high-end 90 Series cars. The objective is to make lives easier for their customers by allowing them to stay connected while commuting.
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New Volvo XC90 will be coming with Thor’s Hammer shaped headlights

Volvo 2015 XC90

Volvo has released some additional details on their upcoming XC90 model which will be launched in Stockholm in two weeks’ time. The carmaker has revealed latest images of front end of the car. T-shaped LED running lights is the talking point here, which have been christened “Thor’s Hammer” by the design team. Promoted as world’s first no-compromise SUV, the new XC90 is developed on the Volvo’s Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) modular chassis technology.
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Light-weight body parts will be the battery of future cars

Volvo StorAGE nano battery car body parts

In the coming years you could very well be seeing a battery less car as EU-funded (3.5 million Euros) research project (for three years) along with Volvo courtesy a ground-breaking technology. Dubbed as StorAGE this intuitive technology cut’s the car’s weight by as much as almost 15% with the help of the material made from carbon fiber, polymer resin, nano structured batteries and super capacitors which is strong and flexible, perfect for making automotive body. Not only is the technology eco-friendly but also cost effective in terms of manufacturing, meaning that it will perfectly coincide with future car designs that require light-weight components and ways to increase the inner boot space.
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