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Google’s Daydream VR motion controller to be shipped this fall

Daydream motion controller 2

Daydream – Google’s Android –powered VR platform announced at the I/O conference has raised hopes of consumers who want to have refined experience of virtual world. This fall, the world awaits smartphones that support all Daydream features. But in the meanwhile, a motion controller with the headset wear has made people curious what it actually does. We already know about Google’s ‘Cardboard’ and existing VR platform, but new motion controller sounds interesting. Read More…

VRGO chair is handsfree motion controller for virtual reality


Before you strap on a virtual reality headset, you know everything about VR that there is, thanks to endless coverage about the pros and cons by the press. Question then is, are we really into the world of VR? Most likely we are there, and gadgets like the VRGO, scheduled to make a Kickstarter debut today, just amplifies the case. VRGO is one highly responsive motion controller for virtual reality. Designed as a chair, the easy to use VRGO lets you enter VR handsfree – you have the hands free to carry out other tasks (something not possible with other VR controllers). Read More…