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Figment VR iPhone case transforms into a virtual reality headset effortlessly

Figment VR iPhone case

Virtual reality applications are coming to the geeky community in a big way and manufacturers are looking for ways to make it easier to use and foremost affordable. Google Cardboard is a very good example of enjoying VR content on your smartphone without burning a hole in your pocket. Yet another intuitive way to view VR content on your iPhone 6s/6s Plus has just arrived and it is definitely grabbing attention.
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Now you can watch Youtube videos in virtual reality mode with Google Cardboard

Youtube VR videos

Whatever Youtube is doing seems to be right as their videos load in a jiffy, there are many options and everything is falling in their court. Now, they are taking things forward by pushing support for Google Cardboard VR headset to view Youtube videos. That means you can now view 360-degree virtual reality worlds in a 3D like environment using your Android smartphone.
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