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Google’s Atlas humanoid can now walk like us humans

Atlas humanoid robot by Google

Atlas, the Boston Dynamics’ (now owned by Google) ace robot has improved a lot in the last couple of years owing to intense development. It has demonstrated successfully how to get up after being pinned down to the ground, and a whole set of new features which make it a pioneering innovation aimed for the tech dominated future. Now, the robot can walk on uneven terrain, and I mean really uneven terrain that would be hard for us humans to walk on.
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Battery-powered DURUS robot walks like humans in a pair of sneakers

DURUS walking robot

It’s a general notion in robotics – robots that stand and walk on two legs are more stable than ones on multiple legs and wheels. Enhancing upon the idea, boffins at Georgia Institute of Technology’s AMBER-Lab have provided their robot DURUS with the ability to walk like humans. The battery-powered robot can replicating human locomotion and walk with human-like heel strikes and push-offs. Read More…

Quadruped robot walks its way into the book of Guinness World Records

quadruped robot

A four-legged Chinese robot named Xingzhe No. 1 has walked into the Guinness World Records book for a stellar marathon performance and defeated the earlier record held by American robot. This record titled ‘Furthest distance covered by a quadruped robot’ was beaten by almost double the distance as the quadruped robot developed by a team from the College of Automation of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications walked a distance of 134.03 km (83.28 miles) in one go.
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Making this robotic spider will increase your intelligence quotient three-folds

Robotic Spider STEMI

Seeing robots doing all variety of things is one thing but it takes a lot of effort to make one. Not to mention the invaluable skill that only a few possess in core robotics and electronics. To make robotics interesting, an Indiegogo campaign aims to teach how to make robots and related applications in easy and fun way. STEMI, the hexapod robot is what you’ll learn to make which teaches kids the basics necessary to create robotic applications. Consequently they’ll learn how to make their own robotic machines with complex electronics and mechanics.
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Arachnobeea – Zero G drone that’ll walk aboard International Space Station

Arachnobeea drone

Drones could soon be helping astronauts aboard the space station(s) as NASA’s International SpaceApps Challenge dared hackers and engineers to make a drone that will be able to function in zero gravity. Arachnobeea team took the challenge well and designed a waking drone that can work autonomously in zero gravity. The quad rotor UAV is quite dexterous and can set out on flights inside the International Space Station (ISS) in a controlled manner.
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DIY MorpHex MKII transforms from a ball into a six-legged robot

MorpHex MKII robot by Kare Halvorsen

If you think robots are better of being autonomous in the 21st Century, a seasoned hobbyist Kåre Halvorsen has done it differently with his all new rolling/walking robot dubbed the MorpHex MKII. This robot transforms from a ball into a six-legged walking robot, and instead of being autonomous, is controlled using an R/C car-style remote control. Engineer Halvorsen’s transforming hexapod robot is an extension of the original MorpHex he built back in 2012. The spherical robot features a reinforced plastic body and is stuffed in with motors to facilitate refined movement.

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Human-controlled walking robot called Landwalker

Landwalker walking robot

Japanese never seize to amaze us with their niche robots, and this human-controlled robot is no different. Just like a Gundam or the Amplified Mobility Platform shown in movie Avatar, this robot caught our eye. Developed by Sakakibara Kikai who have named this robot the Landwalker, it will be shown off at Chiba Prefecture’s Wonder Festival. And already some people have got the chance to ride this bipedal robot. Emulating a war machine ready for mass destruction, the intimidating Landwalker had its host of riders who were the lucky winners of Guru Guru Box, who hosted an event to take this 11 foot tall robot. It has a racing cockpit style seat and very easy to control by novice users too.

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iStruct Demonstrator – The walking robot ape could replace Mars rovers for future space missions

iStruct demonstrator robot ape

There have been a lot of animal and insect inspired robotic designs seen thus far and this new entrant is inspiring to say the least. Looking to mimic the walking style and pattern of our ancestors, the apes, this robotic four legged beast is a project under development at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). The developers call it the iStruct Demonstrator and it has been built to mimic the movement of apes and monkeys with unique heel-toe step and spine that bends for flexibility in movement. Weighing around 40 pounds (18 Kg), this four-legged robot can shift the center of mass according to the terrain it is walking on, for example on a steep slope or down a smooth descend.
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Toshiba quadruped walking robot for nuclear disaster relief operations

Who can forget the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster that was prompted due to the Tsunami initiated by the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11th. Now to carry the investigation of the affected area it is obvious that human involvement would not be safe, for this very reason Toshiba has developed a quadruped robot that is capable of walking at the speed of 1km per hour and carrying put all the research needed. The robot runs on wireless radio operation has a camera and dosimeter for searching the uneven terrain. Weighing 65 kg and being battery operated, providing it a continuous 2 hours of walking makes it a perfect assistant for all the dirty work that is too dangerous for humans to embark on. The robot also has a small vehicle self-actuated robot on top of it for hard to reach places.
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