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Renovated Gallery House features a wall display of art and ceramics


Architect Neil Dusheiko has recently renovated the Gallery House in Stoke Newington, London for his father-in-law.  The biggest change in the house is the new kitchen, which extends over the old side alley. Moreover, an array of skylights extends across this extra space, along with a wall storage that’s built from oak. This wall display is designed for displaying ceramics, glassware, and framed pictures. Read More…

DIY: Cool Woodburning art that can be fatal if touched!

Woodburning Art by Backyard scientist

DIY on a weekend is a good way to get your creative brain bits charged, and today we have one that is simple but should be performed under extreme precaution. The Backyard Scientist has put up a DIY in Youtube that shows how you can create some cool artwork for your home or office using microwave oven transformer and a pile of neatly cut plywood.
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