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8 functional transparent cars that reveal everything


We are used to seeing so many vehicles on the road and rarely do we come across cars that catch our eye. Traditionally made from solid and light-weight material, cars come in all colors and shapes. But what do you have to say, if I tell you that there are many cars on this planet that are transparent and fully show the interior components of the vehicle. These transparent cars have been developed with some motive in mind, but for us they are amazing treat for the eyes. Let’s have a look at these life-sized transparent cars that’ll make for a good wallpaper on your desk as they definitely look out of the league.
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US Army will get blast-proof wallpaper to secure temporary hideouts

Blast-proof wallpaper US Army

Generally, soldiers prefer to take shelter in abandoned brick or cinderblock structures instead of building temporary structures themselves. These are good hideouts only until a missile or some other projectile comes ramming into the structure blasting shards of brick and mortar to kill the occupants. To save lives of troops in such defensive hideouts, engineers at U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) have developed all-new blast-proof wallpaper that is lined with Kevlar fiber threads and is embedded in flexible polymer film. When blast occurs, the wallpaper installed on the walls of the structure, acts as a net to catch the rubble, which would otherwise blast out in all directions to seriously injure soldiers inside. Read More…

LG’s 55-inch flexible wallpaper OLED display is just 0.97mm thick

LG 55 inch wallpaper OLED display

LG has been putting in lot of R&D into developing flexible displays of the future. And no wonder it is at the fore-front of bendable displays, as was apparent from its 18-inch flexible transparent display. Now, they have taken this technology further ahead with an unbelievably thin 55-inch wallpaper OLED display which was revealed at a company event in Seoul yesterday.
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Handmade Mini Superleggera Vision has British class and Italian craftsmanship

Mini Superleggera Vision

We haven’t seen a pretty Mini since the R53 and now as a surprise reveal at Concorso D’eleganza Villa D’este 2014 BMW Group have unveiled the handmade Mini Superleggera Vision electric roadster that will you fall in love again. This open-two-seater car created in association with Mini and Touring Superleggera manages to mix the aesthetic looks of a classic British roadster and a modern Italian electric car. Call it a classic car, sports roadster or a lightweight electric speedster; Mini Superleggera Vision is one car you would definitely admire.
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