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Interview : Maximilian Büsser, founder MB&F Swiss watches

Maximilian Büsser MB&F interview

They say, persistence and hard work always pays-off in the long run as long as you have the will to follow your dream. Maximilian Büsser, founder and CEO of MB&F is one living example of persistantly following your dream no matter how many hardships you face. Giving a new dimension to the watchmaking industry with his far-sighted vision of making exclusive horological machines, backed-up by intense belief in his abilities, makes Maximilian Busser one of the pioneering Swiss watchmakers. His unique timepieces a
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Is Kia K3 smartwatch, smart enough?

Kia K3 smartwatch

There is no doubting the popularity of smartwatches in the west, with basically every electronic company coming up with their smartphone compatible versions of a smartwatch. Automotive manufacturers also have pounced into the smartwatch market but with a very different take on how it functions. We saw Nissan Nismo smartwatch that connects to the driver and now Kia Motors have revealed their vision of a smartwatch that functions more like a remote key fob rather than a smartwatch that connects you to the cloud.
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Intel and Fossil collaboration to fuel wearable tech trend

intel capital and fossil collaborate

Wearable tech boom is getting lauder with each passing day. Samsung, Sony, Intel, Apple, each and everyone is coming out with their wearable gadgets like smartwatches, smartrings, bracelets etc. After Intel launched the first smart bracelet, MICA, the chipmaker has now announced its collaboration with the Fossil Group, a company specializing in fashion accessories, especially watches. According to Intel, in order to support and keep up with the emerging trends in wearable technology world, this collaboration was inevitable. Read More…

Low priced Asus smartwatch all set to be revealed at IFA 2014

Asus smartwatch

Come September 3rd at the IFA in Berlin and you could be seeing the cheapest Android Wear smartwatch by Asus make a strong presence. In a tweet by Asus it is stated “Something #Incredible is going to happen at #IFA2014, see you there!” Along with a teaser picture that clearly shows the silhouette shot of a square shaped smartwatch. According to TechCrunch who have sources close to the people at Asus, this smartwatch will have an AMOLED display and will make its debut at IFA in Berlin.
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Computex 2014: Flexible battery embedded in smartwatch strap for extra juice

ProLogium flexible battery Computex 2014

Wearables are the future and they are on the priority agenda for many electronic manufacturers. One issue that needs to be addressed is, how to power up these lightweight and thin form factor gadgets without compromising weight or design. At Computex 2014, ProLogium, a flexible battery manufacturer showed off its idea of powering up wearables like smartwatches. With the capability to integrate a thin flexible battery no thicker than 1.5mm into the strap of the smartwatch, it boosts the battery reserve of a smartwatch like Samsung Gear by almost double.
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Microsoft Wearable Personal Information System is a smartwatch for sure

Microsoft Wearable Personal Information System smartwatch

Microsoft is working on a very new kind of smartwatch for sporting fanatics that will have everything from a heart rate monitor to a compatible docking station that functions as an alarm clock. One important aspect of this Microsoft patent published by US Patent & Trademark Office is Microsoft’s desire to make a smartwatch that is ultra-compact and waterproof to keep the effect of external elements like sweat and water at bay. The Wearable Personal Information System by Microsoft includes a portable information device that has all the electronic components like processor, compass, GPS unit or electrical connectors.
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BaselWorld 2014: Bell & Ross B-Rocket concept bike in association with Shaw Harley Davidson

Bell and Ross B Rocket concept motorcycle

Bell & Ross renowned for incorporating aeronautic design in its watch design has teamed up with Shaw Harley Davidson to design a concept bike called B-Rocket. The twin-cylinder bike is a state-of-the-art concept with a very aerodynamic frame which draws its design cues from the ultra-modern American jet planes of the 60s era and the speed bikes of Nevada. The motorcycle has huge air intake ducts that hurl it to top speed in matter of seconds and two side-mounted turbines fill the two jet engines with fuel and oxygen that help to rapidly discharge air. The low riding position ensures maximum speed without any aerodynamic anomalies and the tachometer allows the rider to keep a check on his speed.
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LG G Watch sporting the all new Android Wear operating system

LG G Watch smartwatch with Android Gear OS

Android Wear, Android’s dedicated operating system for wearable devices like smartwatches just made headlines as it was released couple of days ago, and so did the Moto 360 smartwatch. LG G Watch is not that far behind as it becomes one of the first few devices to feature the smartwatch OS by Google that aims to be a game changer in the ever growing smartwatch market. Working in close quarters for the development of LG G smartwatch with Google, LG says that the watch will be compatible with a wide range of Android smartphones.

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Top 5 smartwatches that exhibit style and substance

Top 5 smartwatches that exhibit style and substance

There is no doubt that Internet has changed our way of living. It has opened new horizons. Today mobile devices available easily through company stores and electronics online shopping sites have become a common requirement. After the PCs, Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets, Smartwatches are the latest craze that has gripped the new age junkies. Manufacturers all big and new have stepped into the realm. Everyone wants to prove their point and tap in the vacant market with finest product. We have for your understanding listed below the top 5 smartwatches today. Read More…

ArtyA Son of Sound watch is a guitar that shows time

ARTYA Son of Sound watch inspired from guitars

Have a look at this cool ArtyA watch that is shaped like a guitar head and its name also compliment the theme. ArtyA Son of Sound watch is crazy and out of the box creation, as the Silver UFO motorcycle by the watchmaker ArtyA and will be shown off at the Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show next month in the city of Basel, Switzerland. Yvan Arpa is well known for creating watches that are daring, a tad crazy and proudly bear the image of flamboyant maker himself. Coming on to the watch, ArtyA Son of Sound Watch has 4 pushers that are inspired by tuning pegs of a guitar and the minute and hour hands (on separate metronome type discs) sweep over metronome-type discs giving it a very unique movement unlike any other timepiece.
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