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Super-hydrophobic material bounces water droplets off the surface like marbles

Super hydrophobic material that bounces water

We just might have witnessed the world’s completely waterproof material that is super-hydrophobic. Yes, a material so hard to get wet that even water droplets bounce off it like a crazy ball. Developed by Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Julie Crockett and her colleague Dan Maynes in a basement lab at Brigham Young University (BYU) campus, this super hydrophobic surface is a part of the research that is aimed at finding such materials.
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Rolls Royce engine powered Aeroboat speedboat

Rolls Royce powered Aeroboat speed boat

Drawing inspiration from the Spitfire fighter plane, Yacht design studio Claydon Reeves has made Rolls Royce powered Aeroboat that is going to be revealed at the Salute to Style event in July. The high-performance speed boat is stamped with British class and exuberance all over it, specifically targeted for the elite buyers. This stylish speedboat is made from carbon fiber material to keep the overall weight low and dressed in Kevlar and lightwood veneer material for a very elegant look that suits the elite class.
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Scientists demonstrate water as an effective substitute to printer ink

Water-jet rewriteable paper

It is understandable that some of us like to read our stuff on printed material. But does that justify the wastage of paper, especially when it concerns those neatly laid out one-time emails or insignificant office notifications? In the present era, where cutting costs and ecological impacts stand out as crucial issues, statistics reveal some startlingly ‘lazy’, uninspiring figures. Around 40 percent of all office printed papers are just used for a single time! In fact, according to EPA’s estimation, USA generated over a whopping 70 million tons of paper related waste in 2011 alone. But as it turns out, everything is not so bleak in the long run; some Chinese researchers have potentially found a solution to this high cost predicament of printing ink. As a result, they have devised a set-up that remarkably utilizes water instead of conventional printing ink.

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The advanced Exosuit is tailored for complex underwater tasks

Exosuit by Nuytco Research Ltd

While the suit might have that buzz of Buzz Lightyear, the contrivance has actually been designed for ‘infinity and beyond’ below the water surfaces of the earth (remember Pacific Rim!). Developed and built by Canadian company Nuytco Research Ltd, the hard metal apparel is christened simply as the Exosuit. So what is its envisioned functionality? Well, according to the designers and researchers involved, the robust suit with its integrated technology allows divers to easily operate at a substantial 1000 ft below water-level, while still endowing them with freedom and flexibility to achieve complex tasks.

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Eco3Spray transforms regular water into germ-neutralizing ozone

Eco3Spray cleaner

Most large-scale catering facilities utilize the chemical element of chlorine for sanitizing purposes. But there are certain disadvantages to the ambit of chlorine usage, firstly because of their relatively pungent odor, and secondly and more importantly, because of their propensity to leave residues in tanks and compartments. Well, the futuristic looking Eco3Spray counters this chlorine related predicament with its patented diamond electrolysis cell. This built-in mechanism allows the hand-held spray bottle to remarkably transform regular tap water (H2O) into ozone (O3). And, the dissolved ozone by virtue of its bleaching property is used to safely eliminate harmful micro-organisms such as E.coli, salmonella and other bacterial intrusions.

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Easybreath snorkeling mask allows natural breathing underwater

Tribord Easybreath snorkeling mask

One basic problem with snorkel masks for underwater adventures is the comfort level while wearing it and the awkward breathing method through your mouth. It just doesn’t feel natural with your nose closed and taking air through your mouth. Also there are many other problems with snorkel masks like water entering into the mask itself and creating a panic for a novice diver or the natural instinct of breathing through the nose creating fog in the mask rendering visibility to zero. This was a challenge for designers at Tribord to come up with a unique design that would not require the diver to breathe through the mouth and also eliminated any chance of fog being created. And hence came to life the an award winning (2014 Oxylane Innovation Awards)Easybreath snorkeling mask that is a full-face snorkeling mask which allows you to breathe naturally underwater, just as you would do when out of water. Easybreath snorkeling mask makes it possible with double air-flow system that keeps out all the condensation that can be produced on the mask itself.
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Driblet: A Wi-Fi connecting module for measuring your water consumption


Water consumption – the very phrase has an ominous ring to it, especially for people who live in drought prone areas. Most the scope’s predicaments allude to the relatively under-developed methods by which one could actually measure the volume of water being consumed. On the other hand, consuming water is one of the fundamental activities that support human health systems. In this quagmire of confusion, the Driblet has been envisaged as a bantam, smart device that can provide accurate and in-time measurements of water consumption. Comprising of a small module, the sensor-oriented contraption is remarkably powered by the movement of water. This allows real time inputs from the device that can be accessed from a special app.

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Frag grenade made from legal household material sold in airport terminals

Frag grenade FRAGGuccino

After the twin tower attacks and numerous other airways related terrorism, the airport security has been beefed up to prevent any anti-social element taking weapons or material related to building bombs and so far it has been proving good in preventing any such acts of mindless crimes. But a Youtube video in the cloud that goes by the name Terminal Cornucopia has again created doubts in our minds regarding airport security and the measures being taken to prevent any bomb building material being taken past the sharp eyes of tech savvy airport security measures. In the alleged video Evan Booth (a.k.a treefort), independent security researcher makes a frag grenade from material that you can buy from airport terminal kiosks which you can find after passing through airport security. The expert calls his grenade as FRAGGuccino and shows in the video given below to make it in less than 5 minutes time for just $30 or less.
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Hydros lifejacket does more than just keeping you afloat

Hydros Lifejacket by Kieran Normoyle

A finalist for the James Dyson Award 2013 giving away $45,000 to the winner, this life jacket will do just more that keeping you afloat. Solving a very basic problem of keeping basic organs warm in cold water, the Hydros personal flotation device is designed in such a way by Kieran Normoyle (lifeguard and medic with Irish Army Reserve) that it negates the effect of hypothermia by stopping heat loss through convection and evaporation. The lifejacket has been designed in three different pieces which ultimately led to a combined effect of warming up vital organs and keeping the person afloat in torrid waters.

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Kangroo water bottle stores water and other things too

Just like a kangaroo has a small little pocket to keep its little ones cozy warm and safe from predators, this water bottle stores more than just fresh water on hiking or adventure trips. And why only adventure trips, this water bottle by Contigo aptly named as the Autoseal Kangroo Water Bottle, can store anything from your ATM cards, IDs, to coins or keys. A small compartment on the back side of the water bottle flip opens to reveal enough space for storage. The patented Autoseal technology seals the bottle opening automatically when not sipping water which eliminates the need for any cap.
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