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Ford demos in-car water dispenser that produces drinkable water from car’s air conditioning  


Further With Ford trend conference always has something interesting to throw at customers. This week, at the conference in Detroit, Michigan, Ford engineers showed an innovative in-car water dispenser they have been working on. Dubbed “On-the-go-H2O” the system is designed to recycle condensation produced by your car’s air conditioning into clean, drinkable water. The idea is conceived to work out a way in which all that water going waste due to condensation can be reused with a purpose, so that people driving in areas with scarcity of water can have their car’s own built-in system provide them the water they need. Read More…

This bike water bottle collects vapors from humid air and makes it drinkable

Fontus solar powered water bottle filter

As a biker you are constantly in need of hydration and water is the best source to go for. But what happens when you have been pedaling for miles and there is no water in your sipper or anyplace nearby? To get over this problem Austrian startup Fontus has developed a water bottle that extracts water vapors from the air and then filters it to give you one less worry while on your adventure. The solar-powered water bottle has a hydrophobic surface which sucks any traces of water particles from the air and then filters it at the rate of 0.5 liters per hour.
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Christmas gift ideas: Gadgets for outdoor enthusiasts

Christmas gift ideas - Gadget accessories for outdoor enthusiasts

This Christmas Eve outdoor adventure is going to be on top of your list for sure. For such outdoor enthusiasts, gadgets are going to be on top of the shopping list to make adventure trips and outdoor activities much more fun. Whether you are going on a hiking trip, trekking adventure or a short outdoor expedition; geeks like you surely want to have these accessories handy with you. Even if you don’t want these gadget accessories for yourself, these make for a good gift this holiday season for friends and family.
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Evolution MkII all-in-one rainwater harvester saves ample energy

Given the shortage of clean water that the word is heading towards, rainwater harvesting has become a need of the hour. To make the process of rain water more economical, sustainable and more compact, Tankworks has launched the Evolution MkII. Developed in collaboration with Davey Water Products, the uniquely designed Evolution MkII combines pump, filtration and control mechanisms into a single package. Representing the latest revolution in rainwater harvesting technology the Evolution MkII cleverly saves space at the home, and makes it easily installable. Read More…

Tapp portable water filter for pure drinkable water anywhere you want

Whether you are a hiker, live in the most challenging environmental conditions on the Earth or want to counter the adverse conditions created due to a natural calamity, water is your only hope of survival. Twothirds Water (startup company created by engineers and entrepreneurs) has come up with a very simple product called Tapp to filter water anytime anywhere with anything that you have like water bottle, bag, hose, bucket, camel-back system etc. made specifically for outdoor trekking, globe-trotting and emergency situations; this water filtering system is for anyone out there. Whether you are a back-country hiker or want to be prepared for the most adverse situations.
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