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World’s first modular watercraft to ship in January 2016

Bomboard modular watercraft

Watercrafts are fun to drive and take full benefit of calm waters on a sunshine filled day. Although transportation can be an issue at times. BomBoard is the world’s first modular personal watercraft which solves this problem since it can be taken apart into four sections. So, this watercraft can be loaded into the boot of your car and taken to the nearest beach. Under the hood this machine packs a punch with 45 HP fuel injected motor (450cc) mated to a high performance jet pump. This makes BomBoard go at top speed of 45 mph.
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Shape-shifting surfboard customizes to your riding style

Airbag Shapeshifting surfboard

Surfboard that can be customized to riding styles

Can you imagine a shape-shifting surfboard that can adapt to any of conditions and styles of riding the waves? Oakley Future Sport Project surely aims to bring such of surfboards to your locker room. Teaming up with pro surfer Jack Robinson, Airbag Labs has developed a shape shifting surfboard which is made from conductive aerographene material (with aerographene nanotubes) makes it ultra-lightweight. This material is responsible for the shape shifting feature which can be configured by passing short bursts of electric current. To do this the user has to simply touch the display of the surfboard and configure the changes like nose, rails and tail.
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Forget jetpacks, Hoverboard is the next big thing in extreme watersports

Flyboard Hoverboard

You’ve got to see it to believe it. This is perhaps the coolest thing that I have seen in a long while at the watersports arena. The Flyboard hoverboard by Zapata is a watercraft that has a nozzle pumping out high pressure water jet from the back that propels the rider on board into the sky like a dolphin in water. The water is sucked by a huge 59 foot water hose like pipe which makes possible the smooth airborne ride that a skilled experts can achieve.
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Rolls Royce engine powered Aeroboat speedboat

Rolls Royce powered Aeroboat speed boat

Drawing inspiration from the Spitfire fighter plane, Yacht design studio Claydon Reeves has made Rolls Royce powered Aeroboat that is going to be revealed at the Salute to Style event in July. The high-performance speed boat is stamped with British class and exuberance all over it, specifically targeted for the elite buyers. This stylish speedboat is made from carbon fiber material to keep the overall weight low and dressed in Kevlar and lightwood veneer material for a very elegant look that suits the elite class.
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Stakanoo foldable hybrid canoe kayak fits inside car boot space

Stakanoo foldable canoe kayak

Under normal circumstances you would stack up your canoe or kayak on roof of your four wheeler and drive off to the waters for some fun. But 46 year old Stuart Woodward from Somerset is about to change that as he has designed a foldable canoe called Stakanoo which can easily fit in the boot area of your car and eliminate the need for any roof rack. Made from three sections that can be put together in a minute’s time, this canoe/kayak becomes 7.6 feet long and 2.25 feet wide when in full size. The 19 kg Stakanoo makes your task easy as it can be kept even in your cupboard at home, thereby saving a lot of space which can be used for other household items.
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WESP personal watercraft will take watersports to a whole new level

Having a yacht or personal watercraft like jet-ski can be loads of but how about a personal watercraft that provides you the exhilarating experience of speed and wind blowing through your hair? WESP has designed a personal one seated watercraft that is inspired by the F1 cars and controlled by the riders own body by tilting swivel motion to the left or right just like a motorbike riders does it. Designed by Daniel Bailey, the WESP watercraft was shown-off at the Monaco boat show where it was well appreciated by the intellectual crowd. Have a look at some unique features followed by the video showing development and testing of this watercraft.
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