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Colin Furze’s tuk tuk loaded with weapons and a Honda CBR600 engine!

TUK600 Colin Furze tuk tuk with weapons

TUK600 Colin Furze tuk tuk with weapons!

Colin Furze, the crazy but intelligent geek is at it again with a whooping creation of his. With the release of Far Cry 4 yesterday, Colin also revealed his new creation which is an adaptation of the vehicle shown in the Ubisoft game. A weaponized tuk tuk that Colin made, since Ubisoft asked him to do so and agreed to bear all the expenses of the project. He bought a Bajaj tuk tuk (mobility three wheeler) from eBay and then modified it with upgrades that enhanced its performance. And yes he gave it a name too, the TUK600.
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Arsenal Gun Knife: Self-defense Ballistic knife that fires .22 caliber rounds

Arsenal Gun Knife A gun or a knife? It is both and very cool too. The Arsenal Gun Knife is a self-defense weapon that allows you to carry a knife that opens up to become a .22 caliber gun capable of firing 6 shots back-to-back before loading in more bullets. This AOW (All Other Weapon) ballistic knife made supposedly for the Russian Special Forces is very rare and only 200 (approximately) of these are made for purchase. You can use it as a knife and when you want to fire some rounds, simply pull up the trigger, fill in the .22 caliber rounds and close the lid. The gun has a barrel that can hold 6 bullets at one time meaning that you can fire 6 rounds in quick succession before you need to reload the weapon. Read More…

Homemade slingbow fires arrows with unbelievable force

Slingbow by Joerg Sprave

Joerg Sprave who is the master slingshot designer has come up with his latest designed slingbow version of the Rambone slingshot that he made earlier. You’ll be amazed by the amount of kinetic energy this slingbow is able to store before it fires the aluminum bow into the archery mat. Almost 58 lbs of force when the bow finally leaves for its target is what this slingshot styled arrow firing weapon is capable of. It is very tactically designed strong band slingbow that will not break of tear even when pushed to the extreme. It has a lowered down whisker biscuit that almost touches the fist so that while releasing the ammunition it does not hurt the hand.
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Frag grenade made from legal household material sold in airport terminals

Frag grenade FRAGGuccino

After the twin tower attacks and numerous other airways related terrorism, the airport security has been beefed up to prevent any anti-social element taking weapons or material related to building bombs and so far it has been proving good in preventing any such acts of mindless crimes. But a Youtube video in the cloud that goes by the name Terminal Cornucopia has again created doubts in our minds regarding airport security and the measures being taken to prevent any bomb building material being taken past the sharp eyes of tech savvy airport security measures. In the alleged video Evan Booth (a.k.a treefort), independent security researcher makes a frag grenade from material that you can buy from airport terminal kiosks which you can find after passing through airport security. The expert calls his grenade as FRAGGuccino and shows in the video given below to make it in less than 5 minutes time for just $30 or less.
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Zombie survival machine designed from 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

Zombie survival machine

Some believe that zombie apocalypse will hit us sooner rather than later and it is better to be prepared for the worse rather than being sorry later. We have seen weapons specifically built for a zombie mayhem and for The Walking Dead Chop Shop, Anson Kuo had created a four-wheel survival machine (brought to life by Galpin Auto Sports, GAS) that eventually won the competition that saw more than 82,500 entries. Dressing up his newly bought 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport SUV vehicle into a Zombie Survival Machine, Kuo beefed it up with knives, blades, automatic crossbows, razor-wired windows, machine guns, samurai sword, aluminum armor and muffler silencer.
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Comfort Gun is a hot water bottle designed like pistol gun

Comfort Gun is a hot water bottle designed like pistol gun

Looks like the American’s obsession with guns has got a new harmless avatar in the form of a hot water bottle. Yes, a hot water bottle that is designed to look like a gun is the brainchild of graphic design student Francis North who got inspired by the song “Happiness Is A Warm Gun”. Taking this phrase of the song literally, Francis designed the hot water bottle gun called Comfort Gun just for fun. Maybe this will prompt the gun obsessed Americans to have a laugh and probably cozy sleep in the winters with this hot water bottle gun tucked to their chest. This hot water bottle gun comes with a cool cover and the hot water can be filled from where you would load the pistol magazine if it were a real gun.
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3D printed bullets pack a punch when it comes to hitting the target

3D printed bullet

When choosing a bullet to fire from your gun, the precision of the bullet make and its material determines the accuracy of shot, apart from the skill of the shooter of course. There are plenty of things manufactured using 3D printed technology, including guns and other firearms too, so why not have 3D printed bullets? Taofledermaus, Youtube user has uploaded a video showing the first ever 3D printed bullets (filled with lead shots) of different weights and shapes being fired at varying targets using a Mossberg 590 shotgun.
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Oreo Separation Pump Gun shoots cookie bullets that swell you black & blue

Oreo Separation Pump Gun

A while back we acquainted you with the deadliest DIY weapons that you can make at home and now there is one more that isn’t that deadly but will definitely give you a sore if someone shoots you with it. The Oreo Shotgun that shoots Oreo cream cookie is made by seasoned weapon maker Joerg Sprave who calls it the Oreo Separation Pump Gun simply because it has a detachable sharp blade at the end of the muzzle to separate the two cookie layers of the delicious treat. Joerg created this Pump gun in no time in his backyard in the winters and he also explains in the video that follows that how you can also make it easily at home.
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Triple Threat triple barrel shotgun is one defense weapon that’ll never let you down

If a two barreled shotgun was not enough to satisfy your gangsta persona then this triple barreled 12 gauge shotgun manufactured by Akkar Silah Sanayi Ltd. Turkey; will definitely blow you away. Based on the traditional two-barrel shotgun design, the third barrel is placed on the top and apparently it fires last in the sequence. With a shorter wood stock the Triple Threat Shotgun is much of a defense gun that can be converted to a pistol grip when needed. The barrel length is 18.5 inches with overall length of 27.75 inches in pistol grip mode while it extends to 35.5 inches in shoulder stock mode. Weighing 7.5 lbs. and having capacity to fire three rounds the shotgun has Rem chokes (5 choke tubes included).

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Deadly Mexican weapons morphed into grungy musical instruments

What’s the best way to put an end to hatred and violence around the globe? Turn deadly weapons into musical instruments that play the sweet chin music. Yes, that is exactly what artist Pedro Reyes from Mexico did to address the crime rates by transforming weapons into object for social engagements like creating symphonies. He created around 50 musical instruments fabricated from weapons like revolvers, shot-guns; machine guns etc. giving him around 6700 separate pieces to work with over the duration of two weeks. With able help from six musicians the weaponry was transformed into a thumping orchestra having flute, violin, guitar, xylophone, cymbals, string instruments, bows, and drum kits. Have a look at the pictures below and you’ll be amazed by the amazing feat of this peace making artist.
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