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This wrist worn device turns your hand into touchscreen smartphone


The new-age phones are smart, smart to the extent that you can do just about everything from taking calls, controlling everyday devices and making payments right from the smartphones. A California-based company called eyeCam thinks smartphones are just the first step in evolution of smart devices, the next step is wearable computing. To make this real, the company has developed eyeHand, a wrist worn device that turns your hand and fingers into a smartphone. Read More…

A $250 Bird perched on your finger can gesture-control anything you want


We aren’t new to gesture-controlled devices, and Bird – a finger wearable gesture sensing device from Israeli start-up MUV Interactive is certainly not the last. But the tech that has been previously limited (in most cases) to gaming and displays, has for the first real time promised to route outside the realm, to smartphones, computers and even to drones – thanks to the Bird. Bird is a small plastic device, embedded with sensors that can be worn on the index finger to turn any device into interactive screen that can be controlled via motion, touch and/or voice. Bird heralds a new way of living improved by Internet of Things (IoT). Read More…

WorldBeing wristband tracks your daily carbon footprints

Layer WorldBeing wristband tracks carbon footprint

We all want to make a change, but don’t know where to start. To help you take the first step towards environmental upkeep, Layer has conceptualized a wristband that helps track your daily carbon footprints.  Called the WorldBeing, it comprises of a wristband and an integrated app. The wearable is self directed – it tracks an individual’s carbon usage and empowers the user to make better decisions. Read More…

Moov Now fitness wearable assists you through activities with AI coach

Moov Now fitness wearable-1

The world of wearable devices is steadily populating with wearable fitness trackers that provide feedback in form of data. Moov Now, the one-of-its-kind multi-sports wearable coach uses Artificial Intelligence to coach you through your fitness regime, and promises to be a lot different to the currently available options. Described as the world’s most advanced fitness wearable by it makers, Move Now talks to you as you workout, in addition to doing all data tracking activities that other off the shelf wearable fitness devices do. Read More…

Telepathy Jumper – Wearable communication device to make its appearance at CES 2015

Telepathy Jumper head mounted display

Telepathy Jumper head mounted display

More than a year and a half ago we came across the Telepathy One wearable communication device. Now the Japanese gadget startup has come up with Telepathy Jumper, a wearable display which can be sported as a geeky necklace when not in use. The 960×540 (qHD) display of Telepathy Jumper is developed in conjunction with Hitachi and Hitachi-LG Data Storage. For a premium HUD experience the display unit is equipped with a 5MP camera, acceleration, geomagnetic & proximity sensor, gyroscope, microphone and other sensors. Telepathy Jumper weighs just 30 grams in total, making it a light-weight wearable device that is practical for use in daily life.
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First leaked images hint at a rectangular iWatch with wireless charging

Apple iWatch

It’s September 9th, which means a big Apple event. A number of new product launches are expected. One thing that remains to be seen is how successful it is going to be. Also, time has come for Apple to lift the veil on two of its most-anticipated products, i.e., the iPhone 6 and iWatch. For that matter, a lot has already been said by a number of rumors and speculations. One of most recent reports claims to have early prototype phase images of the iWatch. The pictures show how the tech giant’s iWatch would look like.

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Elecom’s wristband-style OLED watch functions as sleep and fitness tracker


Some manufacturers have tread the route of raising funds for their wearable devices, while others have backed their own selves to launch new wearables; but one thing that has been common is all of them have been venturing into the every growing world of wearable devices. Latest to make its presence felt is Elecom in Japan, which has released a soft silicone wristband-style watch which doubles as an activity and sleep monitor. The stylish Elecom HCW-WAM01, scheduled for mid-September release, features an OLED display and is capable of measuring and recording wearer’s physical activity and sleep pattern courtesy its built-in accelerometer. Read More…

MOTA to debut its hi-tech wearable SmartRing at IFA, Berlin

MOTA SmartRing

MOTA will soon debut its wearable SmartRing, a sophisticated, hi-tech ring that’ll display alerts and various kind of notifications from your smartphone. The user needs to wear it like a normal ring, and connect it with Android phones or even an iPhone. It’ll receive notifications of incoming calls, text messages, calendar notifications and emails.
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LEO: The most intelligent fitness wearable

LEO fitness wearable

There are lots of fitness wearable devices to attract the customers on the market. However, most of them does not provide detailed health data besides heart rate monitor and calorie updates. Therefore, for those who want an intelligent health solution in form of a wearable device, an Ontario based company has launched the LEO fitness device. Monitoring your bio-signals, LEO gives you a deeper level of insight than any other fitness wearable available.
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Fujitsu is developing wearable devices for site workers

Fujitsu wearable device

The emphasis on the development of wearable devices is more than ever before as tech companies and firms are looking to attract the potential customers with their cutting edge technology. Wearable technology has become main stream today with wearable gadgets dominating the market from the field of social interaction to health & fitness. So, why not in factory work? That’s what the Japanese companies are thinking, as they are developing wearable devices to help factory workers do their jobs more efficiently.
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