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Zepp Play Soccer wearable sensor records stats, tracks performance

Zepp Play Soccer wearable sensor

Zepp already has sensor that helps golf, tennis and basketball players fine tune their game with on-field data that makes sense. Zepp has now taken another stride forward and has developed Play Soccer, a sensor that lets footballers track data regarding distance covered, number of times ball kicked and the time for which the player sprinted or walked in the game. An average footballer runs almost 7 miles (11km) in a single game, considering the fact this data can be valuable for a player’s fitness and training. Read More…

Wearable alcohol sensor monitors blood alcohol level in real-time

flexible wearable alcohol sensor

Finally, a device that you can wear to know your blood alcohol content is here. Simply stick it onto your skin and know if you’re still good to drive after a crazy party. Developed by the University of California San Diego researchers, this is a flexible wearable sensor that can accurately and continuously measure blood alcohol levels from sweat and communicate data wirelessly to a mobile device connected over Bluetooth. Read More…

Hitachi develops wearable device that can gauge employees’ happiness level

Hitachi Human Big Data wearable sensor

As an entrepreneur managing your human resources is the most complex task that a business has to sort out. So what’s that sure shot mantra that keeps your employees happy and satisfied? Well, there isn’t any, as it is a complex topic. But still there are many workarounds to figuring out the perfect recipe for keeping your employees happy. Hitachi has also jumped into the band wagon for developing a gadget called Human Big Data that can detect your employees’ emotional level and acting accordingly to keep them satisfied at all times. And to top it off it is a wearable gadget.
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GoMore – World’s first wearable stamina fitness sensor for workout addicts

GoMore  Worlds first wearable stamina fitness sensor

bOMDIC is all set to reveal GoMore, the world’s first wearable stamina fitness sensor at CES 2015. The wearable gadget helps athletes and fitness enthusiast to track their stamina during workout to make changes in their workout regime for optimum benefits. In conjunction with a compatible app, the wearable fitness tracking device takes note of heart rate by calculating 64,000 data points per second. Not only workout but the sensor can be used to track fitness during hiking, cycling and other physically enduring tasks.
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Jolt wearable sensor can detect head injuries in young athletes

Jolt Sensor by Ben Harvatine

Jolt Sensor is a smart concussion detection device for youth athletes. Developed by MIT graduates Ben Harvatine and Seth Berg, the wearable sensor allows parents and coaches to track and evaluate their children’s head impacts in real-time. The sensor vibrates to alert the athlete when his/her head accelerates in a potentially dangerous way. Jolt was an engineering lab project at MIT that was encouraged by Harvatine’s concussion that he suffered during a wrestling practice. Not immediately detected by doctors, Ben’s condition became worse as his brain was exposed to additional impacts.
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Toshiba Slimee Bar = Attachable health monitor + Sleep analyzer

Toshiba Slimee Bar health monitor and sleep analyzer

Toshiba has revealed a wearable biometric sensor called Slimee Bar that can be worn on the body to measure electrocardiogram, body motions, pulse waves and skin temperature. This wearable by Toshiba will collect the data including heartbeat interval, pulse wave interval, body motion and posture to make all the inferences. The device will be connected wirelessly to your mobile device and all the data can be viewed in a user friendly manner in tabulated form via a compatible app.
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Beast wearable sensor keeps track of your workout in real time

Beast sensor

There are a host of smart wearable devices out there, which can assist you in keeping track of your fitness and workout. Latest to hit the collection is Beast, a sensor that keeps track of your workout and fitness and displays results in real time. By displaying how much you are pushing in the gym (while lifting weights or performing bodyweight exercises) in real time, the Beast makes it possible for users to remain motivated and avoid any wrong movement during the fitness routine. Read More…

Electronic skin – Health monitoring skin patch capable of administering drugs automatically

Wearable electronic skin patch for health monitoring

Korean researchers have developed a wearable sensor device called Electronic Skin which is capable of monitoring and treating muscle disorders in people suffering from Parkinson or epilepsy. This wearable health monitoring device looks like a small adhesive bandage that has nano-circuitry embedded over it. As described in a paper published on this nanotechnology monitor, this small adhesive bandage can be worn on the wrist, as it continuously monitors physiological activity for one week and then the medication embedded in a silica interface is automatically administered through this flexible electronic device by diffusion-driven release of drug molecules through the skin. The silicon nanomemebrane sensors detect changes in electrical resistance to indicate a fast tremor or certain problem with the patient wearing it.
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