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Livia smart device shocks away your menstrual cramps

iPulse Livia for Period Pain

Each month, women have to go through crippling agony when menstrual cramps begin. This leads them to strong painkillers or hot water bottles for relieving the pain. But no more painkillers, hot water bottles and the awful pain itself, as iPulse Medical has create a pain-relieving menstruation wearable, named Livia. Read More…

Song Wig with earbuds in each strand lets you enjoy music with friends

Song Wig-1

Looking for a hairdo that complements your love for sharing music? Well, all new Song Wig lets you achieve it most creatively. The crazy Japanese wearable tech – the Song Wig, is an ordinary colorful wig until you notice closely. Designed with idea of sharing music, the wig has an earphone at the tip of each hair strand. Developed by Tokyo based creative agency, Party, which also has unit in New York, Song Wig is on exhibition at the SXSW – annual film, interactive media, and music festivals that kicked off in Austin on March 11. Read More…

MWC 2016: Flexible display bracelet gives a sneak-peak of the future

FlexEnable flexible display bracelet_1

Rollable and bendable display gadgets are going to rule the coming future and we got to see one more wearable proving that all right. This is FlexEnable’s prototype 4.7-inch organic LCD flexible display which wraps around on your wrist to show all the vital information you need to be abreast with. The UK-based company has partnered with Chunghwa Picture Tube to develop such kind of OLED displays and this one is one of them. The bracelet sits on your wrist and for now the prototype displays a demo of the technology which aims bring all the needed applications on your wrist.
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Third robotic arm transforms musician into a superhuman drummer

Gil Weinberg with Tyler White playing drums with a robotic arm

Being a drummer is not easy and it takes a toll on your hands and fingers. All the famous drummers have however defied the odds and played all their life like super humans. Their only wish, having an extra arm so that they could bamboozle the world. For one drummer that wish has come true as researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a wearable robotic limb which functions as third arm for a drummer. This intelligent robotic arm attaches to drummer’s shoulder and it automatically switches from playing ride cymbal to the snare depending on what the drummer is playing.
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Levitation bionic knee brace gives you added boost to perform better

Spring loaded technology Levitation bionic knee brace

Spring Loaded Technology’s Levitation bionic knee brace

Who would turn-down the option to get superhuman like boost while walking running, working-out or simply crouching? Practically no one, if it comes at an acceptable price. Spring Loaded Technology, the developer of Bionic Knee Brace which is primarily targeted for use in special operations has launched the commercial version of the prototype on Indiegogo, and surprisingly the funding goal has been achieved in just one day. Levitation is a light-weight bionic knee brace which stores energy when you bend the knee and releases it when you straighten it. The brace provides you with power that makes you feel 50-100 pounds lighter or in other words you can do more with this knee brace on.
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Researchers develop sweat analyzing wearable for precise health monitoring

Sweatbit wearable health monitor

Sweat can tell lot about a person’s health and quite often we ignore the signs like constant odor or color in sweat. According to experts sweat contains chemicals, electrolytes, proteins and heavy metals which when studied can reveal a person’s internal health as well as hydration levels. Researchers at University of California, Berkley have developed a sensor-enabled wearable which analyses person’s sweat and based on it gives health stats and also physiology insights. That means tracking of body functions in depth, and the use of this wearable will span beyond fitness tracking. It will be used in medical field to know about patient’s body functions in detail.
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Wearable chair exoskeleton helps surgeons during long hours of surgery

Archelis wearable chair

Wearable technology is pushing its claws into virtually every industry, and it only serves good to the future generation. The best examples of wearable technology are exoskeletons that assist in walking, especially for the elderly who have lost muscle power and suffer from joint pains. Another good use of an exoskeleton-like contraption to aid in support is the wearable chair by Japanese company NITTO which they have named as Archelis.

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True Wearables develops Oxxiom, first fully disposable, wireless pulse oximeter

OXXIOM pulse oximeter-2

Doctors and medics require monitoring your oxygen blood levels and cardiorespiratory status to keep you safe from fatal conditions such as heart attack, anemia or COPD.  While pulse oximetry is an easy, non-invasive monitoring system that keeps track of oxygen saturation, pulse rate and perfusion index (PI); True Wearables, a medical device start-up in California has developed Oxxiom – world’s first wireless, and completely disposable pulse oximeter. Read More…

Toshiba Wearvue TG-1 glasses assist hand-free operation in industries

Toshiba Wearvue TG-1 glass_3

At the Wearable Expo in Tokyo, Toshiba revealed wearable glass for commercial use, and they call it Wearvue TG-1. An improvement on the Toshiba Glass released at CEATEC 2014, this wearable displays information to the viewer from a connected Windows PC. This device is majorly targeted towards corporate customers where employees don’t have to bring a manual to carry on their task by getting a projection of text on their display screen of the wearable glasses. The end result is increased productivity, less hassle for workers and more accuracy in the tasks they perform.
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