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ili wearable translator lets people of different language backgrounds converse better

ili wearable translator

Language shouldn’t be a barrier for travelers anymore! Realizing the significance for a handy and convenient language translator for globe trotters, a Japanese company Logbar has developed a wearable voice translator which works perfectly to help converse in English, Japanese and Chinese to start with. So, if you’re an English speaking traveler who’d dread traveling to China or Japan, just because you’d find it difficult to converse with the locals, the ili wearable translator will make life conveniently fun for you. Read More…

Pretty looking Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker for the fashion-forward generation

Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker CES 2016_4

Fitbit has come-up with some really good fitness trackers and smartwatches in the past but they were not that good-looking. At CES 2016 that just changed as Fitbit announced Blaze fitness tracker for the geeky yet fashion-conscious audience. Fitbit Blaze is not a predecessor of the one launched last year. It has more of fitness tracking features with complimentary smartwatch features too. The wearable does not have GPS tracker and depends on connected mobile device to pull data. Heart-rate monitor checks heart beat every five second to give precise monitoring details and during workout it check every second.
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Smart Bra keeps you motivated for health and fitness goals

OmBra health tracking wearable_1

We’ll be seeing a lot of fashion forward wearable tech stuff at CES 2016. And of those, most are going to be fitness and health trackers. Just before the mega tech event a Canada-based company has revealed a smart sports bra that gets the most out of your fitness routine. This bra has sensor-enabled tech fitted in the lower band which does everything from tracking heart rate and breathing rhythm to the number of calories burned during workout.
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LifeVest defibrillator system for children suffering from sudden cardiac arrest

LifeVest Wearable Defibrillator

Having the problem of sudden cardiac arrest in children can be both complicated and life threatening. Since the patient has option for implantable defibrillator but that is too risky for children and moreover parents don’t consider it as an option due to the surgical implant complications. Thankfully, now a non-invasive invention has been approved by FDA to be used with pediatric patients who are not fit for an implantable defibrillator or pacemaker installed through surgery. The approval was based on published studies and clinical information of 248 patients aged 3-17 years having the risk of cardiac arrest.
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Google Glass Enterprise Edition in flesh looks much better than its predecessor

Foldable Google Glass Enterprise Edition_1

We haven’t heard much about Google Glass in a long time and that means only one thing, they are working on a better version which will be released sooner rather than later. It was speculated that a foldable Google Glass Enterprise Edition is on the way and finally we get to see how it looks. Having some cosmetic changes like the foldable design and slightly bigger glass prism will bring portability and the leverage to see a larger picture. According to FCC documents the new model is named as GG1 and it looks like a smoothened pair of glasses with screen floating above your eye level.
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Back to the Future inspired self-drying jacket dries completely in a minute

SDJ01-self-drying jacket-1

I am not trying to sound fancy, but there is no denying the fact that Back to the Future props are all the rage amid creators. We have already seen road-legal DeLorean replica, Nike’s own self-lacing sneakers and now it’s time for Marty McFly’s auto-drying jacket. If you always wanted to rock the Back to the Future II look and never worry about getting caught in the storm – self-drying jacket by Falyon Wearable Tech is what you’d been waiting for. Dubbed the SDJ-01, the jacket is not a real-life imitation of Marty’s jacket from 2015; instead it is directly inspired from Robert Zemeckis’ 1989 sequel of BTTF, fitted with more pockets to carry all ‘gadgets people carry in real 2015.’ Read More…

Urine-powered smart socks generate electric power on-the-go

MFC socks

Self-sustainable energy is a major agenda for wearables and other electronics that require power. The more we make use of naturally available resources, it will be in tune with nature. In a new kind of take on making use of available resources to generate electric power, researchers at the Bristol Energy Centre have developed pair of socks which can electricity with pee. The energy produced then powers an in-built wireless transmitter which sends a message “World’s First Wearable MFC” to a PC every two minutes.
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MIT researchers develop skin like bandage embedded with micro-electronics

A team of MIT researchers led by Xuanhe Zhao, the Robert N. Noyce Career Development Associate Professor in MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering have come up with a soft and stretchy adhesive gel like material which can house temperature sensors, LED lights, conductive wires, semiconductor chips or other tiny electronics. This will have plenty of applications in medical tech and fitness hardware which is both skin-friendly and smart healthcare kits.
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Wait for HTC Vive extends till April 2016

HTC Vive VR headset

HTC Vive VR headset developed in partnership with Valve Steam VR program was promised for a launch around this time for holiday season, but that has been delayed for now. HTC has officially confirmed that potential buyers won’t get their hands on Vive till April 2016. In the meantime they are going to make 7,000 units available to the developers for further improvements to this room-sized (15×15 ft. space) VR experience. Although HTC has promised second-generation version of developers kit at CES 2016 which is speculated to come with subtle changes.
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World’s first slash resistant combat shirt means you’re completely protected

World's First Slash Resistant UBAC Shirt

Body armors or state-of-the-art bullet or stab resistant vests surely provide effective ballistic and edged weapon protection; but if seen more closely, they offer no effective protection to key arteries. The armors leave arteries around the arms, torso, neck and the throat area completely vulnerable to slashing and cuts – cutting of any of the main artery in the region can lead to rapid blood loss and even death in a very short time span. To ensure law enforcement professionals are not more exposed and defenseless facing an attacker, PPSS Group has developed the world’s first slash resistant combat shirt, which guarantees complete protection to the key arteries. Read More…