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Verizon introduces Star Wars: The Force Awakens Google Cardboard

Star Wars The Force Awakens Google Cardboard

In a bid to promote the upcoming blockbuster movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Verizon Wireless has found a handy new tool. Google Cardboard themed in Star Wars theme. So why would Verizon promote a Star Wars movie? To directly prompt users to switch to their faster and reliable 4G LTE network. A promotion campaign that will bring a smile to the faces of Star Wars fans.
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Samsung Internet for Gear VR is the web browser augmented reality lovers wanted

Samsung Internet for Gear VR_3

Virtual reality content is no more limited to gaming and augmented reality applications as Samsung has announced their web browser for Gear VR. Giving a whole new complexion to how we will browse the internet in the near future, this application of Gear VR headset immerses you in the limitless sea of content on the internet. All this without the need to download content to your smartphone and then view it using VR headsets.
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ShiftWear E Ink sneakers can be customized on the go

Shiftwear sneakers with e-ink display

In this tech dominated world we have got used to customizing our gadgets with new themes and wallpapers every now and then. For example changing the wallpaper of our smartphone or toggling the watch face of trendy smartwatch. Upcoming trend that has come to the foray is changing the look and feel of your sneakers. Just imagine how you can change the look of and feel of your sneakers without having to buy a new one just because you’ve got bored of the existing ones. As cool as it sounds, the idea of having sneakers with design changing options to go with your outfit is so desirable.
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Figment VR iPhone case transforms into a virtual reality headset effortlessly

Figment VR iPhone case

Virtual reality applications are coming to the geeky community in a big way and manufacturers are looking for ways to make it easier to use and foremost affordable. Google Cardboard is a very good example of enjoying VR content on your smartphone without burning a hole in your pocket. Yet another intuitive way to view VR content on your iPhone 6s/6s Plus has just arrived and it is definitely grabbing attention.
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Apple Watch 2 promises improved hardware and OS, coming June 2016

Apple WAtch 2

Apple has been trying hard to lure a huge chunk of buyers with its smartwatch, but sadly only Apple fan boys and eager smartwatch buyers have set foot on the trap. Frankly, the Apple Watch hasn’t impressed technology reviewers and smart buyers who have preferred to go for much better options like Moto 360 or LG Watch Urbane.
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Pretty looking TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch is Apple Watch’s nemesis

TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch_3

Finally the long anticipated TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch modeled on the company’s own Carrera watch has been revealed at a press conference by the Swiss watchmaker. Carrying a hefty price tag of $1,500 this smartwatch actually looks like any other high-end timepiece from the premium watchmaker, but has much more under the hood than someone would expect.
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Lightest and thinnest smartwatch, Pebble Time Round to ship from November 8


It’s that time of the year when all new Pebble Time Round, the first round dial Pebble smartwatch will start selling. Scheduled to go on sale beginning November 8 (Sunday) for $249, the Pebble smartwatch will be available in range of band options and in different sizes. The Time Round will be available through Best Buy, Amazon, Target stores and company website, and it will also start shipping to customers who have per-ordered the smartwatch after the launch announcement in September. Read More…

Body posture correcting undershirt Percko funded on Kickstarter


We all know bad posture can lead to back pain, yet most of us cannot sit in correct posture for more than a couple of hours a day. Given the fact that we tend to sit for almost nine hours in a day, it’s really important to ensure we are sitting in a correct posture. To help us straighten posture, a new undershirt called Percko has just been funded on Kickstarter. Percko, which does not hinder with your normal routine, can be worn under regular clothing to work or for a bike ride. It stimulates the body to correct its posture all day without fail. Read More…

EdgeGear Shift changes the way you wear smartwatch and fitness trackers

EdgeGear Shift wearable accessory

Smartwatches have revamped the way manner in which a traditional watch works, adding functionality that many would have though as impossible a decade ago. Now that the good old smartwatches have become a normal accessory to own, a duo of fitness enthusiasts want to reinvent the watch band too. Normally our smartwatches/fitness trackers would sit bang on the wrist but they have come-up with a design which places the dial just below the forefinger and above the thumb, what the makers believe is the ‘Sweet Spot’. This keeps the display area right in line of sight and saves you from moving the wrist to check notifications or time.
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