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Flair smart clothing uses your skin to enhance body control

lotta-julkunen-flair smart clothing

Smart wearable fitness gadgets are all the rage these days; whether you believe it or not, wearable tech is going to reach our clothing in more effective manner sooner than we imagine. And, it will be the next big thing to wearable gadgets. While most developers are working on ways to integrate sensors into the clothing and sync these with our smartphones, there is a Royal College of Art graduate Lotta Julkunen, who has developed smart clothing which thrives on our skins ability to pick tactile signals. The wearable called Flair provides tactile information about wearer’s body movement facilitating enhancement of body awareness and control. Read More…

Hey ladies, add style to your Apple Watch with these feminine bands

Apple Watch band

When initially Apple Watch was available for purchase it created quite a hype. But since that day the excitement has mellowed down as it failed to impress buyers with sales dropping exponentially in the past month or so. Still Apple products sell on sheer brand value and Apple Watch is no different. For girls who have an Apple Watch and want to add some flatulence to their fancy wearable, AppleCharmers is here.
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BBC develops brain-controlled headset that controls iPlayer app

BBC brain controlled headset

BBC have developed a proof-of-concept prototype headset that shows how future applications like TV will be controlled with just your thought. This wearable has been developed in collaboration with “This Place” to eliminate the use of remote control for laid back entertainment without even moving a muscle. The brainwave-reading headset measures the electrical activity in your brain, and then initiates the intended action with the iPlayer app. For example, choosing from a list of programs or videos is going to be done in the blink of an eye. Read More…

Wedding veils hooked with Sony camera captures bride’s special moments in 4K

Sony FDR X1000V wedding veils

Weddings are never going to be same

Wedding is your special day indeed, and you need to make it worth remembering. Photos and videos have been the best means of remembering this day till date, but you won’t bet that to stay the same in this tech savvy world. Royal milliner Rosie Olivia has associated with Sony to make your wedding day ultra-special with the world’s first ever wearable technology veils that record all the events in FPV (first person view).
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Starbreeze Project StarVR is world’s first VR headset with 210-degree FOV

Starbreeze Project StarVR

Field of virtual reality is still pretty much open, though Oculus Rift has made a mark for itself on the pinnacle early on. To enhance gaming experience on the Rift we will see Oculus Touch controller making a debut at the E3. Another exciting VR device on display at E3 will be the Project StarVR – Starbreeze and InfinitEye’s 210-degree field of view heads-up display. Designed to improve field of view in virtual reality, the StarVR features 210-degree horizontal field of view, 130-degree vertical field of view and an impressive dual screen 5K display. Read More…

Oxstren smart gym glove is set to change the way you workout

Oxstren glove

Pratik Saraogi, a Purdue University dropout and law graduate from Mumbai University proves the proverb ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ affirmative with the invention of Oxstren – world’s first smart gym glove. Pratik, a fitness buff was sick of all types of wearable fitness devices available in the market since, most of them just tracked steps and calories burnt. Requiring a complete monitoring device for the gym, Partik developed Oxstren smart glove that is not just for workout tracking, but is a real time gym instructor. Read More…

$179 Huawei TalkBand B2 to have detachable Bluetooth headset

Huawei TalkBand B2

Huawei TalkBand B1 launched almost a year ago at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona proved out to be a successful fitness tracker with its impressive features. Now riding on the success of its predecessor is the 0.73-inch touchscreen TalkBand B2 which is now available for purchase starting today for a price tag of $179. Launched initially at the MWC 2015, this waterproof and dustproof fitness tracker has noticeable improvements as compared to the TalkBand1.

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Student develops glove to type anywhere or play musical instrument with finger movement

Malav shah sensor glove

Wearable technology is becoming the next big fad in technology. If you haven’t had the taste of wearable technology for your typing chores just yet, here is 15-year old Texas-based R.C. Clark High School student Malav Shah, who has developed a prototype glove with sensors to read finger motions and translate the same into data which can be easily displayed on a computer or a nearby device. Malav brought his invention to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburg. Malav was one among 1,702 finalists from more than 70 countries at the event. Read More…

Wearable Womanliness-Boosting bra helps you snap perfect selfies

Wearable Womanliness-Boosting Bra

Most women are dissatisfied with the options given to them by lingerie companies, leading to lack of confidence. However to boost women’s confidence, Japanese lingerie maker Triumph has come up with the strangest undergarment we’ve ever seen, the Wearable Womanliness-Boosting bra. It is a concept bra with skirt; the complete set is designed to give you pep talks and help you to take perfect selfies. Read More…

Soft keyboard for smartwatch lets you send text from the wrist

Soft keyboard for wearables by Universitat Politècnica de València and University of Stuttgart

What is the most important feature of wearable gadgets like smartwatches or fitness trackers? Their size, the smaller the better. Although wearables like smartwatches have a small screen size area to read notifications and alerts, they lack any input method like sending back an email. This has prompted researchers from Universitat Politècnica de València and University of Stuttgart to design two different soft keyboards that can be used with wearables. The researchers presented their prototype soft keyboards at ACM conference on Human Factors in Computer Systems (CHI 2015) held in Seoul, Korea.
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