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Google’s Daydream VR motion controller to be shipped this fall

Daydream motion controller 2

Daydream – Google’s Android –powered VR platform announced at the I/O conference has raised hopes of consumers who want to have refined experience of virtual world. This fall, the world awaits smartphones that support all Daydream features. But in the meanwhile, a motion controller with the headset wear has made people curious what it actually does. We already know about Google’s ‘Cardboard’ and existing VR platform, but new motion controller sounds interesting. Read More…

Qualcomm Toq smartwatch to stiffen the competition

Qualcomm Toq smartwatch

Looks like we are going to review a lot of smartwatches in the coming months as the competition intensifies and electronic companies make a shift to concentrating on manufacturing smartwatches that are better than their adversaries. The latest entrant is Qualcomm’s limited edition waterproof smartwatch called Toq and has launched on the same day as Samsung Galaxy Gear. Having the option of wireless charging, WiPower LE, stereo Bluetooth technologies and Qualcomm’s Mirasol display which allows the user to read content even in bright daylight is going to be priced around $300 USD, same as Samsung Galaxy Gear. Powered by a 200 Mhz Cortex M3 processor, having a capacitive touchscreen display and a low battery drain courtesy a backlit display that uses less energy and a button less interface, Toq is surely different from similar products in the market.
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How Meta 1 augmented reality 3D glasses will deliver knockout punch to Google Glasses

Meta 1 augmented reality 3D glasses

Wearable technologies are going to rule the roost in the coming decade just like smartphones and tablets are doing in the current era. And the perfect catalyst for honing wearable technologies are going to be augmented reality glasses. Coming up as stiff competition to the Google Glasses, Meta 1 Augmented reality 3D glasses which are up on Kickstarter crowd-funding platform have successfully amassed the funding goal and you can lay your hands on one of these soon, as they are up for pre-order. Making the Google Glasses look lame in every aspect that they have pitched about so far, the Meta AR glasses are the brainchild of Meron Gribetz, 27-year old design student at the Columbia University along with his team consisting of big names like Professor Steve Mann (professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto) who has been working on augmented reality applications since 1980. These glasses run on Windows-based PC and in the future will have integration with all OS platforms for extended functionality.

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3D printed wearable Raspberry Pi Glass is Steampunkish take on Google Glass


Raspberry Pi has been a modders delight since its inception, but this is perhaps the first time it has been combined with the genius of 3D printing, and the result is a wearable Raspberry Pi Glass. We have seen a few really exciting examples of wearable technology and this attempt with 3D printing makes us believe that wearable computing could reach the ubiquitous state that science fiction promises. This Steampunkish take on the Google Glass is a well-engineered, wearable computing glass which has a single board computer in the helm. Read More…