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Exhauss shows newer, sophisticated Cine Exoskeleton at IBC 2016

Cine Exoskeleton f

After L’Aigle Exoskeleton that was seen in 2014 at IBC, now Exhauss brand has come up with even more sophisticated and comfortable Cine version with payload capacity of 35 kg. Not just comfortable, but it is quite expensive too. The Cine is likely to be sold for about $9,000. The exoskeleton is given a thick padding around the waist straps in order to enhance the comfort. Now, the new exoskeleton is equipped with three sets of removable springs so that the resistance can be tailored in accordance with user’s requirements. Read More…

Off the Grid jacket has enough pockets for all your gadgets, even your laptops!

SCOTTeVEST Off The Grid jacket

Having all the fancy gadgets like smartphone, tablets and sleek laptops is a common affair these days. Carrying them around is another predicament that we all face in a tech dominated world. Laptops are one solution to keep all your gizmos in one place, and also carry them around with ease. ScotteVest, however, wants to make that even more manageable with their line of clothing. Their latest innovation is a jacket that is carefully designed to accommodate all your daily use gadgets, even a laptop. Yes, you heard it right, you can fit your laptop in this jacket, and that too without any discomfort. They call it ‘Off the Grid’ jacket, and for good reason too.
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Indian engineering student builds real-life walking Iron Man suit

Vimal Govind Manikandan iron man suit

The cheapest of exoskeletons cost thousands of dollars, but that could stand to change with the new creation by an Indian engineering student who has built a low cost wearable walking-assist. A real-life walking Iron Man suit, this is created by Vimal Govind Manikandan, of MES College of Engineering in Kerala. The battery-powered, functional exoskeleton is capable of lifting heavy objects, and is built on a budget of $750 (approx. ₹50,000). Read More…

Keep LDR alive: HB ring lets you feel your partner’s heartbeat

HB ring by the touch

In a long distance relationship, you miss the feel of being next to each other. All you can do is Skype and FaceTime, but that’s just not there when it comes to intimacy. Enter HB Ring by The Touch – first of its kind ring that lets you feel the heartbeat of your partner. Simply download an app, connect the ring and pair with the loved one to feel their heartbeat in real-time. Read More…

Pollution detecting shirt changes pattern but it’s too expensive

Aerochromics pollution detection shirt_1

Air pollution is a major concern for communities across the world, and people are coming up with unique ways to detect it. In the past we have seen pigeons fitted with modern tech hardware, wearable air purifiers and smart lamp posts which all keep a check on pollution levels. On the same lines Nikolas Bentel, a designer from New York has a very niche take on how to detect air pollution. He has designed a range of shirts dubbed Aerochromics which are capable of detecting pollution, and showing it by changing pattern on the shirt itself.
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BauBax Apparels – Clothing wirelessly charges your gadgets without any hassle

Baubax wireless charging apparel

More often than not you find yourself stuffing things in pockets of your clothing, and then later on searching them with the hand. These days everyone wants to have clothing which can accommodate things in an organized manner and also do much more than that. Seattle based startup BauBax has got a very interesting line of clothing for all you out there. Clothing that can charge all your modern day gadgets wirelessly. The company has over a dozen wearable technology embedded clothing products right from jackets to wallets which wirelessly charge your smartphone, smartwatch and other compatible devices.
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Lenovo shows-off flexible, wearable phone and foldable tablet at Tech World 2016

lenovo tech world 2016
Lenovo Tech World 2016 is rocking so far. Earlier, Lenovo had announced it new Phab 2 lineup including Phab 2 Pro with Google Tango AR technology. Now, Lenovo displayed near future of next generation portable gadgets – wearable with foldable or bendable design. The devices are only prototypes and the company has not released any commercial version yet. Two of such devices showed off by Lenovo included a phone that can be worn like a bracelet and a tablet that transforms into phone if folded. As per reports, both of these flexible devices with really flexible screens run on Android. Read More…

Lenovo Smart Shoes have fitness tracking features and act as gaming controller too

Lenovo Smart Shoes

Lenovo made quite a few announcements at their Tech World Conference 2016 like the Moto Z line-up of flagship phones and Google’s Project Tango enabled Phab devices. Another announcement at the event that we couldn’t afford missing was this smart running shoe made in collaboration with Vibram who have made similar shoes in the past too. These fashion-forward as-well-as technologically advanced shoes perform standard fitness tracking functions like counting the number of steps, distance travelled on foot, calories burned in a day and activity tracking.
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Thin Ice clothing line assures rapid weight loss without any workout

Thin ice 6
A startup has pitched a clothing line on crowdfunding website Indiegogo and claims that it can help you lose fat just by wearing Jacket, pants, socks, undershirt or specially designed sole for shoes. The maker explains that the project ‘Thin Ice’ tricks the body to burn more calories by lowering temperature of the body using special chips embedded in the clothing line. The apparel uses patent-pending technology wherein thermo receptors of body sense reduction in body temperature. To maintain body temperature, mind boosts metabolism to produce more heat, resulting in burning of more calories. Thin Ice boasts burning 500-1,000 calories per day by simply wearing one of these accessories. Read More…

MIT Media Lab develops programmable 3D printed hair for variety of applications

3dprinted hair
3D printing has paved way for new innovations, which were limited to sci-fi movies only. Recently, MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group showcased their 3D-printed innovation at the CHI 2016 for human-man computer interaction in San Joes. The Lab developed soft plastic hair that mimics real hair in nature. The artificial hair, developed under Project Cilllia, can be programmed to perform defined functions. It means advent of finger swipe sensors and passive actuators for many applications. The development has opened up new possibilities for personal fabrication, 3D printing and most importantly human-computer interaction. Read More…