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Researchers develop stretchable solar cells and batteries that can be applied to skin like band-aid

Stretchable Solar cells

Scientists have left no stone unturned to figure out how to exploit electronics in wearable systems or devices, like fabrics or shoes. Researchers at Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois have developed stretchable and soft batteries and solar cells that are thin enough to be applied to human skin like a band-aid. According to the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences, the batteries and cells are arranged as array of thin, milimetre-scale components (2.5 millimetres), which are interconnected together with spring-like wiring. Read More…

Will VR bring about a decline in mobile gaming?

Virtual Reality Gaming

Everywhere you turn now you read something about the imminent advent of virtual reality. As yet, nobody knows exactly how it’s going to affect other technology, but there is plenty of speculation. Will virtual reality blow tablets, wearable tech and other consoles out of the water? Or will it be used alongside all these things? As it stands, one of the most popular formats of gaming is on mobile, but this could all change when games start to be developed in virtual reality.

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SkinTrack: Innovation turns your arm into a touch-input surface for smartwatch

SkinTrack watchband prototype

Smartwatches are a good way to interact with your applications like texting, navigating through music menus or even playing games like Angry Birds. But they come with one disadvantage which can be attributed to their small size. This disadvantage being the difficulty to navigate on small screen size. Mobile devices have the freedom to go big or small, but a smartwatch cannot be bigger than an acceptable size as it won’t look appealing. Keeping this predicament in mind, the team of researchers at the Future Interfaces Group have come up with a very interesting solution. Using your arm and hand skin surface as an input platform to make it easy for you to interact with applications on your smartwatch.
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Glassouse – Affordable assistive device lets disabled use mouse with head movements

assistive glassouse device 4
The Glassouse, an affordable bluetooth mouse that can enable disabled people to use a mouse with computers or other devices is trying to gather support from people on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. It’s worn like glasses, but is actually without any lenses. The glasses can detect head movements to match them with the direction in which user wishes to scroll the cursor. The cursor can follow head movements in any direction including upward and downward directions. Read More…

Another wearable tattoo that shows your vital body functions

e-skin wearable tattoo

Wearable technology is going to influence our daily chores in a big way, if already it hasn’t started doing so. One application of this is the use of electronic tattoos that is still in the infancy stage, but none the less impactful. Going by this notion, a team headed by Takao Someya at the University of Tokyo have developed a prototype e-skin which is the thinnest so far at just 3 micrometers. The artificial skin embraces any part of your body and lies on your skin like a food wrap. It has a LED display which displays user’s vital stats like heart rate and blood oxygen levels.
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Is Samsung secretly developing smart contact lenses for the future?

Samsung Smart Contact Lenses_4

SamMobile has dug down a Samsung patent application that points the South Korean giant working on the development of smart contact lenses. These contact lenses are going to be far better than virtual reality glasses like the Google Glass or for that matter ever Samsung’s own HUD glasses or the Gear VR. This next generation wearable is going to change the way we perceive VR and other applications which depend on detection of eye’s movement for input, like in eye-tracking equipment. The patent for this smart contact lens has been filed couple of years ago in South Korea.
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Turris Chair adds another dimension to your experience with VR headset

Praevidi Turris chair for VR applications

We’ve got a good taste of what virtual reality applications will look like when they are fully developed to a stage where the distinction between reality and VR is going to be tough. Another virtual reality application in that very quest is the Praevidi Turris. This platform to experience virtual reality is a chair which pairs with VR headsets like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or HTC Vive to give you another added dimension of the experience. Turris is world’s first chair designed to work with VR applications in conjunction with the VR headsets. Loaded with high-end sensors and a computing brain (a computer), the chair acts as your input to control the on-screen character with the ability to move your head in any direction while doing so.
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Fossil announces the prettiest looking smartwatches at Baselworld 2016

Fossil Q Marshal smartwatch

Fossil Q Marshal smartwatch

At the watch expo in Baselworld 2016 in Switzerland, Fossil has announced two of the prettiest smartwatches you’ll see. The Android Wear powered Fossil smartwatches are quite fashion-forward and will give tough competition to popular smartwatches like Moto 360, Tag Heuer Connected or Huawei Watch. Fossil Q Founder and Q Marshal are the two new models in the line-up and they are going to be available summer/fall this year for a price range starting from $275.
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Sony’s Future Lab Program develops Interactive Tabletop and voice-assisted headphones

Sony Interactive Tabletop projector

Sony wants to stay abreast the race for fashion-forward wearables that solve some inherent purpose. For this they have formed a new R&D outfit called Future Lab Program and they demonstrated a couple of prototype gadgets of the future at the SXSW event in Austin. One of these is a neck-worn Bluetooth headphone which is more of a multi-directional speaker and the other one an Interactive Tabletop projector that turns any surface into a touch-sensitive display. For now each one of these is a prototype and Sony hasn’t shed any light on whether they are going to get into production stage.
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Wearsafe Tag is your weapon against sexual assault, to always feel safe

Wearsafe Tag

Wearable technology is changing our lives in more ways than one. The latest example is this gadget which is made for distress situations like someone following you on a lonely street with bad intentions. For females who have to combat everyday bullying and even worse, sexual assault, this gadget is going to be a god sent messenger. Wearsafe Tag is a small wearable which sends an emergency message to your loved ones about your situation and increases your chances of being rescued. The waterproof tag connects to your smartphone and even works 200 feet away from it.
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