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Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Google Cardboard? Which VR headset should you opt for

HTC Vive Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard

Looks like this is the week of VR headsets. You can preorder HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard with all of them looking to expand their market share in the not so explored VR market which is still a goldmine. While Oculus Rift has got the luxury of being a dominant VR headset from the very beginning, HTC Vive brings with it the experience of Valve, developer of industry’s most loved games. Add Google to the tally who has been trying to bring affordable VR experience to the users in the easiest way possible.
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MWC 2016: Stylish Garmin Vivofit 3 and Vivoactive HR fitness tracking wearables

Garmin Vivofit 3 and Vivoactive HR fitness and health trackers

Garmin has always been known for no nonsense fitness tracking equipment and gadgets, but making a transition to the more stylish ones is good news for buyers. At the ongoing Mobile World Congress 2016 Garmin revealed its new age wearables for fitness and health tracking. It was good to see the refreshing new wearables in a good looking avatar. So let’s have a more insight on Garmin Vivofit 3 and Vivoactive HR.
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The cheapest and lightest exoskeleton suit guaranteed for worldwide acceptance

Suitx exoskeleton

Exoskeletons have come as a boon for paraplegics but most of them come at sky rocketing price that everyone cannot afford. Berkley-based company SuitX is about to change that notion with its $40,000 exoskeleton dubbed Phoenix. This exo-suit was designed for BMX bike rider Steven Sanchez who met with an accident and is paralyzed from waist down. The story imitated when Sanchez walked into SuitX’s office and after half-an-hour he came out in an exoskeleton which costs almost half that of other exoskeletons in the market like ReWalk.
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Researchers develop sweat analyzing wearable for precise health monitoring

Sweatbit wearable health monitor

Sweat can tell lot about a person’s health and quite often we ignore the signs like constant odor or color in sweat. According to experts sweat contains chemicals, electrolytes, proteins and heavy metals which when studied can reveal a person’s internal health as well as hydration levels. Researchers at University of California, Berkley have developed a sensor-enabled wearable which analyses person’s sweat and based on it gives health stats and also physiology insights. That means tracking of body functions in depth, and the use of this wearable will span beyond fitness tracking. It will be used in medical field to know about patient’s body functions in detail.
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Welder builds mind-controlled prosthetic arm from scrap, but what’s the truth?

Mind controlled robotic hand by I Wayan Sumardana from Indonesia

I Wayan Sumardana (a.k.a Tawan) is a 31-year-old welder from Indonesia claims to have made a mind-controlled robotic arm which aid him in his daily tasks. Yes, he made it all by himself from scrap metal and other parts. No doubting the locals call him Iron Man, as he goes on doing his daily chores with a mechanized left hand which has been paralyzed for a long time after an ailment, and doctors confirmed he has mind stroke. Based on his knowledge gained from the education as machine engineering student in high school, Wayan made it all from bike parts, computer hardware and many other scrap things.
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Wearable chair exoskeleton helps surgeons during long hours of surgery

Archelis wearable chair

Wearable technology is pushing its claws into virtually every industry, and it only serves good to the future generation. The best examples of wearable technology are exoskeletons that assist in walking, especially for the elderly who have lost muscle power and suffer from joint pains. Another good use of an exoskeleton-like contraption to aid in support is the wearable chair by Japanese company NITTO which they have named as Archelis.

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Nadi Smart Fitness Pants act as your personal yoga instructor

Nadi Smart Fitness Pants_2

Yoga is a great way to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul when done with proper technique. Doing it under the close eye of a yoga instructor is all good, but when you want to practice yoga postures at home there is no one to correct your posture in case it is wrong. Wearable Experiments is here to help you in correcting yoga postures and reap maximum benefit from your fitness routine. They have released Nadi Smart Fitness Pants which are loaded with electronic sensors to give you haptic feedback via vibrations to achieve the correct posture. In effect, these skin embracing pants are your virtual yoga guru guiding you towards the right way to achieve yogic bliss.
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True Wearables develops Oxxiom, first fully disposable, wireless pulse oximeter

OXXIOM pulse oximeter-2

Doctors and medics require monitoring your oxygen blood levels and cardiorespiratory status to keep you safe from fatal conditions such as heart attack, anemia or COPD.  While pulse oximetry is an easy, non-invasive monitoring system that keeps track of oxygen saturation, pulse rate and perfusion index (PI); True Wearables, a medical device start-up in California has developed Oxxiom – world’s first wireless, and completely disposable pulse oximeter. Read More…

Toshiba Wearvue TG-1 glasses assist hand-free operation in industries

Toshiba Wearvue TG-1 glass_3

At the Wearable Expo in Tokyo, Toshiba revealed wearable glass for commercial use, and they call it Wearvue TG-1. An improvement on the Toshiba Glass released at CEATEC 2014, this wearable displays information to the viewer from a connected Windows PC. This device is majorly targeted towards corporate customers where employees don’t have to bring a manual to carry on their task by getting a projection of text on their display screen of the wearable glasses. The end result is increased productivity, less hassle for workers and more accuracy in the tasks they perform.
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ili wearable translator lets people of different language backgrounds converse better

ili wearable translator

Language shouldn’t be a barrier for travelers anymore! Realizing the significance for a handy and convenient language translator for globe trotters, a Japanese company Logbar has developed a wearable voice translator which works perfectly to help converse in English, Japanese and Chinese to start with. So, if you’re an English speaking traveler who’d dread traveling to China or Japan, just because you’d find it difficult to converse with the locals, the ili wearable translator will make life conveniently fun for you. Read More…