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Smart Bra keeps you motivated for health and fitness goals

OmBra health tracking wearable_1

We’ll be seeing a lot of fashion forward wearable tech stuff at CES 2016. And of those, most are going to be fitness and health trackers. Just before the mega tech event a Canada-based company has revealed a smart sports bra that gets the most out of your fitness routine. This bra has sensor-enabled tech fitted in the lower band which does everything from tracking heart rate and breathing rhythm to the number of calories burned during workout.
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Second generation Huawei Watch will be a women’s smartwatch

Huawei Watch 2

Huawei released their maiden smartwatch at Mobile World Congress 2015 and it was impressive. Now they are looking to extend their portfolio with another smartwatch, but one that is targeted towards women. Yes, Huawei is going to launch a smartwatch specifically for the ladies at the upcoming CES 2016 in Las Vegas. The watch is speculated to have 4G cellular calling option and will run on Android Wear OS. The smartwatch will function with Android as well as iOS devices.
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Smart Lumenus apparels ensure on-road safety for cyclists


Visibility is the prime concern for cyclists, walkers and runners on the road. Generally during the day it may not be much of a requirement (unless weather is foggy or visibility is hampered due to some reason), but at night, being visible means being safe. With the ultimate goal to help save lives, Jeremy Wall in collaboration with accessories maker Outdoor Tech has developed Lumenus, which makes pedestrians and cyclists more visible than any other available product on the market. Lumenus includes two jackets, a vest and a backpack embedded with customizable LEDs, which illuminate as and when the wearer desires. Read More…

ShiftWear E Ink sneakers can be customized on the go

Shiftwear sneakers with e-ink display

In this tech dominated world we have got used to customizing our gadgets with new themes and wallpapers every now and then. For example changing the wallpaper of our smartphone or toggling the watch face of trendy smartwatch. Upcoming trend that has come to the foray is changing the look and feel of your sneakers. Just imagine how you can change the look of and feel of your sneakers without having to buy a new one just because you’ve got bored of the existing ones. As cool as it sounds, the idea of having sneakers with design changing options to go with your outfit is so desirable.
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Temporary Biometric Tattoo tracks your health stats in real-time

Chaotic moon Biometric Tattoo

Wearable technology is hitting us all in a big way and it won’t be surprising if it is the next big revolution. Some might even say that it is already a revolution with wearables changing the complexion of electronic gadgets. Sensor-enabled tattoos and electronic ink have already given us a reason to believe that wearable tech is going to be our second skin in the near future. For example the skin thermometer tattoo or sweat monitoring tattoo. Austin-based company Chaotic Moon is developing a prototype that will be loaded with sensors for collecting all the vital data from your body for prime health and fitness.
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Apple Watch 2 promises improved hardware and OS, coming June 2016

Apple WAtch 2

Apple has been trying hard to lure a huge chunk of buyers with its smartwatch, but sadly only Apple fan boys and eager smartwatch buyers have set foot on the trap. Frankly, the Apple Watch hasn’t impressed technology reviewers and smart buyers who have preferred to go for much better options like Moto 360 or LG Watch Urbane.
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Moochies smartwatch keeps track of your child at all times

Moochies smartwatch

We all love sporting gadgets and so do the kids who follow suite, virtually wanting to have their own smartphones/tablets. Smartwatches are the new trendy accessory that we all want to have this holiday season, so why treat the kids with any ordinary gifts? To break the jinx of modern day toys and gift your kids with a smartwatch which keeps them connected with you at all times is a very good idea. A British company has come-up with Moochies, a smartwatch tailor-made for kids that comes with calling features and many other features.
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EdgeGear Shift changes the way you wear smartwatch and fitness trackers

EdgeGear Shift wearable accessory

Smartwatches have revamped the way manner in which a traditional watch works, adding functionality that many would have though as impossible a decade ago. Now that the good old smartwatches have become a normal accessory to own, a duo of fitness enthusiasts want to reinvent the watch band too. Normally our smartwatches/fitness trackers would sit bang on the wrist but they have come-up with a design which places the dial just below the forefinger and above the thumb, what the makers believe is the ‘Sweet Spot’. This keeps the display area right in line of sight and saves you from moving the wrist to check notifications or time.
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Gest lets you do away with keyboard to gesture-control your computer

Gest wearable

Don’t we all just hate using mouse and keyboard, especially when your daily job requires to use one. It would be such a relief if we would just magically do away with all this hardware and hope wearable technology comes to our rescue. Apotact Labs Gest is a wearable which satisfies your craving with a gesture-controlled device for controlling any kind of task on your computer or mobile devices. You can type without any keyboard required or control the elements of screen by specific gestures. A good example of that would be toggling the picture saturation while working on Photoshop.
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A $250 Bird perched on your finger can gesture-control anything you want


We aren’t new to gesture-controlled devices, and Bird – a finger wearable gesture sensing device from Israeli start-up MUV Interactive is certainly not the last. But the tech that has been previously limited (in most cases) to gaming and displays, has for the first real time promised to route outside the realm, to smartphones, computers and even to drones – thanks to the Bird. Bird is a small plastic device, embedded with sensors that can be worn on the index finger to turn any device into interactive screen that can be controlled via motion, touch and/or voice. Bird heralds a new way of living improved by Internet of Things (IoT). Read More…