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World’s first six-sided battery makes differently-shaped smartwatches possible

LG Chem hexagonal battery

Wearable technology is undeniable the biggest thing in technology industry. If Gartner’s research is anything to go by, smartwatches are going to occupy 40 percent of wearable tech market space by 2016 and by 2020 over 100 million smartwatches will be shipped worldwide. To create more opportunities for this market, LG Chemical (aka LG Chem) has developed a hexagonal battery. According to the company, the unique shaped battery will make new smartwatch designs possible. Read More…

BBC develops brain-controlled headset that controls iPlayer app

BBC brain controlled headset

BBC have developed a proof-of-concept prototype headset that shows how future applications like TV will be controlled with just your thought. This wearable has been developed in collaboration with “This Place” to eliminate the use of remote control for laid back entertainment without even moving a muscle. The brainwave-reading headset measures the electrical activity in your brain, and then initiates the intended action with the iPlayer app. For example, choosing from a list of programs or videos is going to be done in the blink of an eye. Read More…

Wedding veils hooked with Sony camera captures bride’s special moments in 4K

Sony FDR X1000V wedding veils

Weddings are never going to be same

Wedding is your special day indeed, and you need to make it worth remembering. Photos and videos have been the best means of remembering this day till date, but you won’t bet that to stay the same in this tech savvy world. Royal milliner Rosie Olivia has associated with Sony to make your wedding day ultra-special with the world’s first ever wearable technology veils that record all the events in FPV (first person view).
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Researchers developing brain-controlled HMD eyewear for AR applications

HMD by korean reaseachers

A virtual reality environment where your thoughts are transformed into the intended moment like running or grabbing something. The idea sounds pretty novel, but very hard to implement since it requires complex sensors and hardware that can track the brain and muscle signals very precisely and then translate it into the required action. This reduces the delay of mimicking the moment, just like some of the exoskeletons shown in the movie Avatar.
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Starbreeze Project StarVR is world’s first VR headset with 210-degree FOV

Starbreeze Project StarVR

Field of virtual reality is still pretty much open, though Oculus Rift has made a mark for itself on the pinnacle early on. To enhance gaming experience on the Rift we will see Oculus Touch controller making a debut at the E3. Another exciting VR device on display at E3 will be the Project StarVR – Starbreeze and InfinitEye’s 210-degree field of view heads-up display. Designed to improve field of view in virtual reality, the StarVR features 210-degree horizontal field of view, 130-degree vertical field of view and an impressive dual screen 5K display. Read More…

Oxstren smart gym glove is set to change the way you workout

Oxstren glove

Pratik Saraogi, a Purdue University dropout and law graduate from Mumbai University proves the proverb ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ affirmative with the invention of Oxstren – world’s first smart gym glove. Pratik, a fitness buff was sick of all types of wearable fitness devices available in the market since, most of them just tracked steps and calories burnt. Requiring a complete monitoring device for the gym, Partik developed Oxstren smart glove that is not just for workout tracking, but is a real time gym instructor. Read More…

GloveOne wearable lets you feel virtual reality for real!

GloveOne Glove Wearables

GloveOne adds the dimension of touch for your VR experience

Virtual reality lets you interact with augmented environment in such a way that it feels real, aided by visual and audio feed. But there is still an element missing, the element of touch and feel. GloveOne created by Spanish company NeuroDigital Technologies looks to plug this gap of sensation in virtual reality, literally making you feel it in the hands. The wearable is loaded with touch sensors that let the user feel the object in augmented reality environment via sensations created from 10 actuators placed on key points on the palms and fingertips.
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$179 Huawei TalkBand B2 to have detachable Bluetooth headset

Huawei TalkBand B2

Huawei TalkBand B1 launched almost a year ago at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona proved out to be a successful fitness tracker with its impressive features. Now riding on the success of its predecessor is the 0.73-inch touchscreen TalkBand B2 which is now available for purchase starting today for a price tag of $179. Launched initially at the MWC 2015, this waterproof and dustproof fitness tracker has noticeable improvements as compared to the TalkBand1.

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Striking announcements made at Google I/O Conference 2015

Striking announcements made at Google IO Conference

Google I/O Conference 2015 held in Moscone Center West, San Francisco just got concluded couple of days ago and there were many revelations that took us by surprise. Google has been trying to dominate the innovation and technology forefront with its acquisitions in the past and now it has another trick up its sleeve. That trick being, teaming up with renowned brands and successful innovative companies to come up with their own vision for the future. This year’s I/O keynote was totally focused on future of software applications, augmented reality and wearable technology which are fast becoming the corner stones of technology that is up for grabs in the near future. Here are some of the most eye-catchy and well-worth announcements that took place at Google I/O Conference 2015, read on to know the details.
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Another teenage invention that charges your smartphone while walking

Furkan Faruk Aslan shoes that charge phone

In daily routine we walk a lot and that energy is dissipated in thin air. Perhaps a good idea is to harness that energy into electrical energy for your power hungry mobile devices. A 15-year old Turkish secondary school student with similar vision has developed a pair of walking boots that can power-up your smartphone, for unlimited energy reserve that will never go dry.
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