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Hitachi develops wearable device that can gauge employees’ happiness level

Hitachi Human Big Data wearable sensor

As an entrepreneur managing your human resources is the most complex task that a business has to sort out. So what’s that sure shot mantra that keeps your employees happy and satisfied? Well, there isn’t any, as it is a complex topic. But still there are many workarounds to figuring out the perfect recipe for keeping your employees happy. Hitachi has also jumped into the band wagon for developing a gadget called Human Big Data that can detect your employees’ emotional level and acting accordingly to keep them satisfied at all times. And to top it off it is a wearable gadget.
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Google working on body odor eliminating wearable fan design

Google wearable portable fan

Sweating can be irritating and embarrassing at times, whether you have had an intense session in the gym or hit a purple patch during your athletic sessions. Body odor can be a real turn-off and it needs to be attended proactively to prevent any mortification. You can use deodorants or other body odor eliminating products, but they can last only a few hours. This has prompted Google to come-up with patent for a portable fan attached to the body that detects the signs of physical activity and immediately sprays fragrance with a cool dab of air.
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Buhel SG05 SoundGlasses – Wireless headset disguised as sunglasses

Buhel SG05 SoundGlasses with bone conducting technology

Wearable technology is taking great leaps ahead into the future that is going to be dominated by new age gadgets. A very new kind of technology called as bone conductive technology is getting popular with proactive designers who want to make full use of it in conjunction with wearable technology for normal users as well as ones who are suffering from certain disorder. Buhel SG05 SoundGlasses look like a cool pair of sunglasses but actually they are bone conductive earphones that can be used to take up calls or listen to music. The sunglasses are compatible with Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and can be connected using Bluetooth 4.0 module.

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MIT develops wearable robot that can open and close zippers

Zipperbot: wearable robot zips your coat for you

How about a robot that zips and unzips your coat for you? Well, with our dependency on technology increasing day by day as to make our lives easier, scientists have actually developed a tiny robot to complete the simple task of zipping and unzipping your coat. Suitably named Zipperbot, the small wearable robot that can open and close zippers have been invented by Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Personal Robotics Group. When charged, these tiny bots scampers up zippers till no more track is left. The design is small enough to fit on a jacket and it can go around curves and move forward and backward.
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LG announces Google Cardboard-based VR for G3

LG’s VR headset for G3

LG have joined hands with Google for delivering virtual reality in a much easier and convenient way to their consumers. The South Korean Electronics Company will be offering a VR headset based on Google’s Cardboard project to the future buyers of the LG G3 smartphones. Well, the catch here is that the buyers won’t have to spend a single penny for the VR headset. LG’s VR for G3 is based on Google Cardboard platform is compatible with Google Play store, thus it will allow the G3 owners to download and experience a growing range of VR-compatible apps and games.
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How about magnetic sensors embedded in your skin?

imperceptible magnetic sensor

Magnetic sensor that gives you added perception of directional sense

We humans have become so advanced in technology that it is only time before we can mimic all living things in robotics form. But what we lack is certain things that only some animal species have. For example, the ability to sense magnetic fields which helps them in getting a sense of direction during long migrating stints. Sharks, birds and insects can orient themselves in the right direction by sensing the magnetic fields of earth which gives them accurate perception of altitude and direction. Experts call it magnetoception as it gives a unique sense of perception governed by magnetic field.
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Swatch smartwatch slated to be released in April 2015

Swatch smartwatch

Going-in with the trend of smartwatches that is going to escalate even more in the future, Swatch has also jumped into the band-wagon and hinted on plans to release a smartwatch after three months. This decision by the world’s largest watchmaker clearly shows the kind of popularity smartwatches are going to have in the coming years. Company CEO hinted that the Swatch smartwatch will have communication, mobile payment and app support for Windows and Android operating system. The USP of the smartwatch is going to be its ability to function without the need to charge.
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Samsung Gear VR headset will traverse Qantas Airline passengers into virtual reality

Samsung Gear VR headset in Qatas airline

Qantas Airlines to have Samsung Gear VR headset for its first class passengers

Samsung released the Gear VR headset a few months ago and although it created the buzz for all the good reasons, it couldn’t escape from its fair share of criticism too with health related issues propping-up with the use of this headset. That said, Samsung Gear VR has become the first choice for Qantas Australian Airline which has announced a collaboration with Samsung to provide the headset for its first-class and international first lounge passengers. The headset will be featured in First Class Lounge of Sydney and Melbourne flight from mid-February, as well as select flights between Australia and Los Angles inside the First Class cabin from mid-March 2015.
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StretchSense fabric sensor – Wearable that functions like your second skin

Strechsense fabric seensor wearable

Strechsense fabric sensor wearable

StrechSense, the maker of a wearable sensor system that has fabric which registers the user’s movement has successfully been demonstrated at the WT Conference being held in Munich. The winner of WT Innovation World Cup 14/15 that recognizes some of the best wearable gadgets in the world. This wearable fabric sensor can be used for sports, medical applications, motion tracking industry and fitness tracking along with other applications too.
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Designer builds intricate 3D printed Iron Man Hulkbuster suit

Life-Size 3D Printed Iron Man Hulkbuster Suit by James Bruton

James Bruton, an Avengers fan and a 3D printing hobbyist is obsessed with the Iron Man movie franchise and have a liking for Marvel Comics. Taking his love to new height as compared to a normal fan, the enthusiastic designer is building up a Life-Size 3D Printed Iron Man Hulkbuster Suit that is inspired by the upcoming superhero movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron. Using progressive technology, James goal is to create a free-standing costume suit that is actually wearable and functional. The project was divided into multiple steps by the designer and involves months of hard work and commitment.
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