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A 72-year-old Japanese man builds special wheelchair to take his wife on walks

Japanese man builds special Wheelchair
“Elders are archaic” is a general notion, but it’s not entirely applicable to those who are motivated by love. We had seen a Indian youth building a voice-controlled wheelchair for his grandfather. Now, we have Mr Tan Ban Ho, a 72-years-old retiree who has designed and assembled a set-up involving a wheelchair and a $600 unicycle. Now, he can take his wife on walks everyday without worrying about his own exertion as he is old too. He is a retired ITE lecture (electronics) and he used his experience to find this solution. The setup is working perfectly for the couple. Read More…

Best wheelchair innovations that bring freedom to paraplegics


Wheelchairs have been around for such a long time but it only in the last decade that they have technology assisting them in evolving from just being wheelchairs with wheels and a seat. In fact they have morphed into personal mobility vehicles for the disabled who always want to do more in their life and enjoy it to the fullest. And being a disabled person means that you have to be restricted to certain limitations, be it in mobility or ease of usage of the wheelchair itself. So here we have some of the most innovative wheelchairs that will take personal mobility for the disabled to the next level.

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